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Sailing Whitsundays Family Cruises

The Whitsunday Islands are the perfect place to introduce your children to the way of life on the ocean. What better way to bring your family together than to spend a few days sailing and exploring the islands? The Whitsundays offers a plethora of wonderful cruising options to suit your family getaway, so it's best to do your research prior to booking anything.

We have broken down the four prime ways to get your family onto the water in the Whitsundays...

Overnight Boat Trips

  • Anaconda 3 - 0+ years
  • Solway Lass - 2+ years, must be in a private cabin
  • Prima - 3+ years
  • Silent Night - 8 + years, 1 adult per child unless 12 and over
  • Waltzing Matilda - over 10 years old
  • Summertime - 10 years and over
  • Iceberg - 10 years and over, must be in a private cabin
  • On Ice - 10 years and over, must be in a private cabin
  • Blizzard - 10 years and over, must be in a private cabin
  • Kiana - 12 years and over
  • Ise Pearl - 12 years and over

Day Trips

The Whitsundays offer a huge variety of day trips to choose from, whether you a wanting a sailing boat, a fast catamaran etc.

Private Charters

A Private Charter allows you to take full control of your holiday and have a boat all to yourself. On a Private Charter, you will be provided with an experienced Skipper and a friendly hostess to do all the hard work and guide you to all the hot spots of the Whitsunday Islands. You and your family get to choose what you would like to do and when. All food and soft drinks are provided and prepared for you so that you can indulge in full relaxation. There are many different boats to choose from to create your personalized cruise, so it is best you speak to one of our travel agents to find your best match

Hire a bareboat

What is a bareboat? A bareboat is a charter boat that allows you to make all the calls. You may choose to take the vessel out on your own or to take it out with the assistance of trained professionals (Skipper and Cook). This option is great for sailing enthusiasts and families who prefer to have full control over their holidays. There are many bareboat companies in the Whitsundays and all different styles of boats to choose from. Let our experts find you the best suited boat that will fulfill all your desires. Note that food and drinks are not included, so it can be a rather pricy option... but well worth it!

Stay in luxury onshore accommodation by night and go on day trips

Day tours in the Whitsundays are becoming more and more popular among families and groups of friends. It is the perfect way to spend a fun filled day doing the activity of your choice and free up your evening so you can explore Airlie Beach's town centre. Sailing Whitsundays can combine one or many day tours with your choice of accommodation style. We specialize in creating family packages so that you get more for less with your loved ones.

However you choose to get out amongst the Whitsunday Islands, the friendly staff at Sailing Whitsundays are happy and willing to help you choose the very best option for your family. Call us at 1 800 550 751 so that we can help start you planning what we know will be the holiday of lifetime!

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