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Updated Thu 23 May 2024

Matt Laycock Photography Instagram Powerplay

Located on the East Coast of Australia, the Whitsundays is home to an abundance of white shores, flourishing reefs, glassy waters and lush island forests. Essentially, an ideal playground for content creators looking for some unique, breathtaking shots! Here at Sailing Whitsundays, we work hard to align our collaborations with brands that reflect our love for the adventure and natural beauty found in the Whitsunday Islands.

So, if you’re an influencer, photographer, model, travel blogger or anything in between, with an engaged and substantial following, we want to work with you! Ditch the home office for some time the Whitsundays, where you can soak up the sun's rays and immerse yourself in tropical bliss! For some inspiration, check out some of the wicked content (and downright fun) that has been created during some of our previous Whitsunday collaborations!

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Previous Collaborations

Steph Pacca - @steph_paccaa 

870K Instagram Followers 

Steph visited the Whitsundays a couple of years ago, and we had the pleasure of collaborating with her during her stay! As a total boss-lady influencer, manager and entrepreneur, Steph created some seriously fierce content in the Whitsundays. She went on a Seaplane shoot with @matt_laycock and @sammy_gibson33, and explored the local hidden gems that Airlie Beach has on offer, snapping some stunning shots in tropical paradise!

Steph Pacca Instagram Seaplane Tour

Sasha Morpeth - @sashamorpeth

370K Instagram Followers  2.7 million Tik Tok followers

It was so exciting to take Sasha out on our newly renovated Powerplay catamaran for 4 days and 4 nights! We galivanted around the Whitsunday Islands, for a day on Whitehaven Beach, to Hill Inlet as well as an array of hidden gems. Sasha’s luxe style totally shone through against a backdrop of the radiant Whitsundays and Powerplay’s sleek finishes. As a seasoned TikTok creator, Sasha curated some seriously lush vids of our favourite slice of paradise that were adored by her vibrant following!

Sasha Morpeth Powerplay Whitsundays Whitehaven Beach

Matt Laycock - @matt_laycock

87K Instagram Followers 

We just can’t get enough Matt and his stunning shots and videos! This legend is a content creator, entrepreneur and photographer, who spends just as much time behind the camera as he does in front of it! We’re so stoked to have taken Matt to Fraser Island on a shoot in the thriving forests and swimming spots, as well as on Powerplay to cruise the Whitsunday Islands in style and on a Seaplane Tour over the Great Barrier Reef. We love working with Matt, and look forward to future collaborative adventures!

Matt Laycock Whitsunday Islands Swim Fish Whitsundays

Fabian x Arnold - @fabianxarnold 

493K Instagram Followers  

Hailing all the way from Germany, we were stoked to see Fabian soak up those sunshine rays and create adventure-filled memories amongst the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands on our hands-on island sail. Fabian really captured that holiday glow in style, as we sailed from Whitehaven Beach to fantastic snorkelling spots for a day of fun in the sun!

Condor Fabian X Arnold Whitsunday Sailing

Lauren Wheatley - @laurenwheatley

391K Instagram Followers

It was so great to see Lauren soaking up the island glow and living it up in tropical paradise! We were delighted to put this insta-angel on our Ocean Rafting experience from Daydream Island, where adventure and island vibes combined for a day of magic. With a keen eye for hidden beauties, Lauren really captured the luxe and tranquillity of the Whitsunday Islands!

Lauren Wheatley Instagram Shoot Ocean Rafting Whitsunday Islands

Mitch Cox - @mitch.cox

115K Instagram Followers 

With their deck-out campervan in tow, it was such a pleasure to have Mitch and his partner Cleo of @cleocohen onboard one of our Whitsunday experiences! As experienced van-dwellers and wanderers of Australia, it was our pleasure to send the pair out on Powerplay to experience Whitehaven Beach adventures and decadent views. Plus, we just can’t get over the incredible moments captured through Mitch’s supreme photography skills!

Mitch Cox and Cleo Cohen Instagram Influencers at Hill Inlet Lookout on Powerplay, Whitsundays

Cleo Codrington - @cleocohen

165K Instagram Followers

As a travel lover and capturer of natural moments, it was wondrous to see Cleo experience the Whitsundays. From the pristine shores of Whitehaven to the breathtaking vantage points of Hill Inlet Lookout to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, we just loved facilitating Cleo’s adventures aboard Powerplay. Not to mention, she starred in some stunning shots of the vibrant coral colonies just below the surface!

Cleo Cohen Instagram Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

Nina Karinkowski - @travelswithnina

28K Instagram Followers

Collaborating with Nina was an experience filled with laughter and mindful food for thought! As a travel writer and sustainability advocate from Byron Bay, Nina was visiting the Great Barrier Reef as research for her new book about eco-conscious travelling, Go Lightly. We were so happy to put her on Whitsunday Adventurer, where she could document her experiences in the many untouched corners of natural wonder here in the Whitsundays… without the footprint!

Travels With Nina Instagram Whitsunday Adventurer

Nanja - @nanja__ 

97K Instagram Followers

Having Nanja and her partner @jasonsrhoj on our Atlantic Clipper Day Tour was an utter blast! Nanja worked her magic, as her creative content skills shone through amongst the natural wonders of Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet. With skills in video, photography and editing, it was a pleasure to see Nanja capture the magic of the Whitsundays, all the while having a ball!

Nanja and Jason Instagram Influencer Couple Romance Island Getaway Whitehaven Beach Whitsundays

Sammy Gibson - @sammy_gibson333

18K Instagram Followers

Having Sammy in the Whitsundays was a super fun-filled experience complete with some exceptional shots! Sammy went on Atlantic Clipper and sailed the pristine waters of the Whitsundays to Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout. She also jumped on a seaplane tour with @steph_pacca and @matt_laycock, where some insanely dreamy photos were shot! It was a delight working with Sammy and we were so happy to show her the Whitsundays.

Sammy Gibson Instagram Influencer Airlie Beach

Adam Rikys - @adamrikys

12K Instagram Followers

We were delighted to have adventure chaser, Adam, come on a wondrous adventure over Heart Reef with us! A GSL private helicopter tour over the glistening, turquoise Great Barrier Reef was the perfect place for Adam to shoot some incredible videos and shots of the natural wonders below. A huge thanks to this content genius for his collaboration in our favourite corner of the world!

Adam Rikys Heart Reef Seaplane Tour drone in the Whitsundays Instagram

Tanya Mitchell - @tanyamitchell

16K Instagram Followers

An absolute whiz behind the camera and fresh content creator, it was such a pleasure to have Tanya work with us! Tanya’s time on Fraser Island was very well spent, and with her sense of adventure and camera in hand, some seriously magical memories were made. The Pippies Safari Tour took her to Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck and an abundance of other dreamy destinations, and we are stoked to say that she absolutely did the wonders of this tropical paradise justice with her awesome, creative content.

Fraser Island Lake Mackenzie Swim Tanya Mitchell Instagram Influencer

Maria - @locatotravel

34K Instagram Followers

Maria of Locato Travel collaborated with us during her trip from Cairns to Sydney, and it was an absolute highlight!  As a travel blogger and hotel manager from Spain, we were stoked to show Maria our backyard in paradise. Maria’s jam-packed day on our Bullet tour was full of glistening, turquoise waters, sun-soaked memories and colourful marine life, and the shots she got were something of a dream!

Maria Locato Instagram Whitehaven Beach Influencer

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