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@matt_laycock instagram influencer Whitsundays Powerplay

The Whitsundays are calling all digital influencers and creatives! As an absolute tropical paradise, our backyard provides the perfect backdrop for some totally instaworthy content. And, what’s even better, is that we are ready and eager to take you on the ride of your life with a famil opportunity.

If you are a blogger, model, influencer, photographer or content creator with an active social media presence, we’d absolutely love to work with you. Come and frolic in style amongst mother nature’s playground! Pristine white sands, dreamy island landscapes, turquoise waters and the kaleidoscopic Great Barrier Reef are all abundant here in the Whitsundays! 

With plenty of luxury, exciting and unforgettable tours, we’ll take digital creatives to our absolute favourite spots in this heavenly corner of the world, whether it be on the water, under the sea or up in the sky! We love working with digital natives that align with our values and vibes here at Sailing Whitsundays, and we can’t wait to create some amazing memories and beautiful content with you!

Check out some of our previous collaborations with content creators and influencers for an idea of what working with us looks like. We’ll give you a hint… it’s luxury adventuring and exploring tropical islands in paradise!

Whitsunday Adventurer

Whitsunday Adventurer is a fantastic way to see the stunning natural beauty of the Whitsundays with an exciting, action-packed itinerary! Soak up authentic sailing on this stable catamaran, perfect for luxe nautical shots with Adventurer’s sleek and modern finishes. Influencers will sail to Whitsunday Island, and check out the dreamy Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout which are both unearthly in their pristine tropical beauty! 

@travelswithnina instagram influencer in the Whitsundays Adventurer Sailing

Nina Karinkowski (@travelswithnina) on her famil experience aboard Whitsunday Adventurer.

Air Whitsundays: Island Explorer Seaplane Tour

Soar through the clouds to see the Whitsundays from above on our thrilling and awestriking Island Explorer Seaplane Tour. Get the island celebrity treatment as you board your very own private plane, equipped with headsets and 360 views of the dazzling Great Barrier Reef. You’ll land on the water, and at Chalkies Beach, where you can enjoy beachside lounging and a refreshing dip in the crystal Whitsunday waters! 

@steph_pacca Instagram Influencer Seaplane Tour

Steph Pacca (@steph_paccaa), Matt Laycock (@matt_laycock) and Sammy Gibson (@sammy_gibson33) on their fierce Island Explorer Seaplane Tour shoot.


Our recently renovated Powerplay is a luxury catamaran that is ready to take you on the ride of your life! Keep it classy aboard this spacious, modern and sleek vessel that will take you to all of the dreamy Whitsunday destinations and hidden gems you’ve been waiting for! Take your camera below the surface to check out an array of lush, thriving fringing reefs, and then warm up in the sun’s glow on Powerplay’s ample deck. Breathtaking marinescapes, lush island adventures and stylish living is abundant aboard our crowd-pleasing Powerplay.

@matt_laycock Powerplay Whitsundays Instagram Influencers in the Whitsundays

Matt Laycock (@matt_laycock) snapping some incredible shots aboard Powerplay.

Atlantic Clipper

Atlantic Clipper is a quintessential Whitsunday tour, that will take you to all of the unmissable destinations all the while providing some fun under the sun! Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet and snorkelling are the main attractions aboard this massive, quirky vessel! Take a soak in the on-deck heated spa as you sail through blissfully stunning island landscapes, and enjoy the warm hues of a setting sun over the horizon as you head back to the marina… a perfect and aesthetically incredible way to top off a day of Whitsunday bliss! 

@nanja__ Instagram Influencer couple romance on Whitehaven Beach

Nanja (@nanja__) and her partner @jasonsrhoj on Whitehaven’s silica sands on their Atlantic Clipper tour.

GSL: Scenic Flight to Heart Reef

Take to the skies for a breathtaking and unique way to experience the Whitsundays on a Scenic Flight to Heart Reef! Your own private charted seaplane awaits your arrival, so put on your headset and take flight! You will fly over the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, glimpsing the romantic, dreamy Heart Reef… literally shaped like a heart! This experience is perfect for photographers and videographers keen to get a view from above… the bright azure waters with the lush island flora create a picture waiting to be taken.

@adamrikys instagram influencer GSL Heart Reef Scenic Flight

Adam Rikys (@adamrikys) with some aerial shots of the dreamy Heart Reef.

If you’re interested in an influencer famil collaborations in the Whitsundays, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our Collaboration Application Process for more information on sending through your expression of interest. 

Feel free to contact our social media manager for any questions or ideas regarding collaborations. We can’t wait to work with you! 

@matt_laycock Instagram Influencer photography Powerplay Whitehaven Beach

Please note that each influencer famil is considered on a case-by-case basis, so let us know if you would prefer to go on a specific tour, however, tour availability cannot be assured. Rest assured, we will always endeavour to work with you to put you on an experience that suits you and your creative style!

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