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Social Media Influencer Familiarisation Application | Sailing Whitsundays

At Sailing Whitsundays, we value what our guests’ experiences bring to their network and audience. We proudly collaborate with brands that resonate with our own in travel and adventure!

If you would like to get in touch about a media or influencer famil, please answer the questions below and email along with your media kit (if applicable) for consideration.

To be successful, you MUST fit the below description:

  • Have a strong travel and adventure focus evident in your feeds
  • Have a website that includes a travel blog
  • Have a high engagement rate (at least 3%) that showcases authenticity and community
  • Consider yourself not only an influencer but also a photographer - subject interest should focus on travel and adventure
  • Be able to provide your own photography equipment
  • Be able to provide all the below information

In your application, you MUST include: 

  • Social media names/handles
  • Website/blog URL + number of viewers
  • Number of followers on each platform
  • Engagement rate on each platform
  • Audience demographics 
  • Areas of interest 
  • Contact details (email + phone)
  • Media kit

To get a feel if a collaboration would suit us both, please also answer:

  • Proposed story angles and coverage, number of posts etc.
  • In a few words, tell us what you are hoping to achieve on your Whitsundays trip and what makes your brand stand out against the rest? 

All content creators and influencers MUST answer the above questions to be considered and resonate strongly with our brand. We only provide free experiences if you are a good fit for our brand.

*Please note, Sailing Whitsundays Pty Ltd is a collective of industry operators based locally in Airlie Beach, QLD. As a cooperative group, we will always aim to promote our shareholder’s tours and accommodation, and in some cases, utilise our private corporate media vessels for famils. If you have a specific experience in mind, please include this in your application summary, as requests are considered on a case by case basis.

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