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Which Tours Go To South Whitehaven Beach?

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Alison Condon
Updated Wed 10 Apr 2024

There are a range of boat tours that can take you to South Whitehaven, where you’ll be able to enjoy a more secluded, tranquil side of the famous beach. Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, thanks to its white silica sands and twinkling turquoise waters. Nestled into the corner of Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven beach, surrounded by lush, green rainforests, is one-of-a-kind.

Since the exquisite white sand stretches on for a staggering 7km, Whitehaven is often split in two parts: the northern end and the southern end. Both ends of the tropical beach are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but North Whitehaven is a slightly more popular spot among tourists, offering them quick and easy access to the famed Hill Inlet Lookout. Meanwhile, South Whitehaven is a little bit quieter, giving visitors a more tranquil experience as they stroll through the same swirling sands and look out onto the same crystal blue Coral Sea. 

There are plenty of tours that head out to Whitehaven Beach every day, so whatever you want to see, there’s a boat that’ll take you where you want to go! If South Whitehaven sounds like your dream getaway, then look no further!

People playing with floaty toys on Whitehaven Beach

Here Are Just Some of the Tours That'll Take You To South Whitehaven Beach

What's at South Whitehaven Beach?

When you touch down on South Whitehaven, you'll be greeted with the pristine blue waters and dazzling white sands that the beach is famous for - but with a little bit more peace and quiet, since more tours head to the northern end. Take all the dreamy holiday pictures you want without getting photobombed by other tourists! 

South Whitehaven also has two beautiful bush walks for those who want to stretch their legs while they're enjoying their little slice of paradise. Trek through the lush rainforest either on a loop circuit that will bring you back to your starting point, or take the route that takes you all the way out to the spectacular Chance Bay on the other end of the island.

If you're in Whitehaven for the spectacular views - which you surely are! - you can't leave the beach without strolling out South Whitehaven Beach Lookout. Just 1km from the south end of Whitehaven Beach, not far from Chance Bay, you'll find the fabulous lookout.

South Whitehaven Beach Lookout

Best Day Tours To South Whitehaven Beach

Day tours are the best option for visitors who want to see Whitehaven, but are a little short on time. Departing early in the morning, and getting you back to Airlie Beach in time for dinner, there are plenty of day tours to choose from that can comfortably squeeze in the best bits of Whitehaven Beach. Here are some of the best trips for you to consider:

People enjoying a picnic on their Whitehaven Beach Tour


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Hook Island, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Departing From: Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach

The Whitsunday Bullet is one of the best Whitehaven day tours in Airlie Beach! The speedy catamaran whisks guests off to the most stunning spots in and around Whitsunday Island in no time at all - including both the north and south end of Whitehaven Beach. After soaking up the sun on the swirling sands of Whitehaven and taking a short bush walk up to Hill Inlet Lookout, guests will get a chance to try their hand at stand-up paddle-boarding before being taken to some of the most astounding snorkelling spots around the islands. Enjoy all the serene beauty of Southern Whitehaven and the excitement of the colourful coral reefs in one single day trip!

People jumping into the sea from the Whitsunday Bullet


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Departing From: Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach

Ocean Rafting offers two different, exciting day tours around Whitsunday Island - both of which will take you to the shifting white sands of Whitehaven Beach. The exhilarating thrill ride speeds over waves and sweeps you off to Whitehaven in no time at all. While Ocean Rafting’s Northern Exposure tour focuses more on snorkelling, with a brief trip to North Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, Ocean Rafting’s Southern Lights tour gives guests far more time on Whitehaven Beach - including two hours on the southern end! Lay out on the sand and catch some rays with a good book, bring along some beach toys to play with while you’re soaking up the sun, or take a dip in the crystal blue waters. Whatever your heart desires!

People heading to the Whitsundays on Ocean Rafting


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Outer Great Barrier Reef

Departing From: Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach

Built with Rolls Royce Jets, Viper is the fastest day boat in the Whitsundays, with enough speed to get its guests to the Whitehaven Beach and the Outer Great Barrier Reef in one single day! 

The exhilarating ride races to Hill Inlet Lookout to offer guests the most breathtaking views of Whitehaven Beach, before taking them down to the southern end of Whitehaven Beach, where you’ll get to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy a delicious lunch - all included in the price of your trip! Finally, it jets off to the Outer Great Barrier Reef to let guests soak up all the beauty of the colourful coral reef, inhabited by dolphins, fish, turtles, rays, and even sharks!

People swimming and having fun on the Viper in the Whitsundays


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout

Departing From: Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach

If you’re looking for a bigger boat, the Sealink Big Island Day Tour is the trip for you. Enjoy a smooth cruise on an air-conditioned catamaran out to Whitsunday Island and take your time exploring all the beauty of both ends of Whitehaven Beach. Complete with a rooftop observation deck, full bar service, and a delicious gourmet lunch, Sealink gets guests to Whitehaven in total style and comfort!

A family enjoying a day out on South Whitehaven Beach


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Chance Bay

Departing From: Port of Airlie, Airlie Beach

Spend up to six hours exploring both northern and southern ends of Whitehaven Beach, with a chance to swim, hike, paddle-board, and explore the spectacular Hill Inlet. While guests soak up the sun, the crew will be busy preparing a BBQ lunch on the beach. Let your feet sink into the silica sands while the smell of sizzling sausages lingers in the salty sea air. Sounds like a dream!

People soaking up the sun on Whitehaven Beach


Goes To: South Whitehaven Beach, Solway Circuit

Departing From: Port of Airlie, Airlie Beach

If you’re short on time, the Whitehaven Beach Half-Day Tour could be the perfect trip for you! Giving guests two hours to kick back and relax on serene South Whitehaven Beach, this tour sets off twice per day - once in the morning and once in the afternoon - so you can spend time splashing in the stunning azure waters and strolling along the swirling sands at the time that suits you best!

Girls enjoying fruit on Whitehaven Beach


Goes To: South Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island

Departing From: Port of Airlie, Airlie Beach

Tick off two of the most popular Whitsunday Islands in one day! Not only does this tour allow guests to spend two hours on the southern end of Whitehaven Beach, but it will also whisk them off to Hamilton Island, where they’ll get to enjoy full use of the dreamy holiday-haven’s pool and beach areas, free use of the island’s shuttle bus, and a free mouth-watering lunch at the Marina Tavern. Talk about a jam-packed day out!

A girl relaxing in a hammock on Hamilton Island


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitehaven Beach Lookout

Departing From: Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach

Enjoy a trip out to Whitsunday Island on the Whitehaven Xpress; a spacious boat with indoor, outdoor, and upstairs seating that whisks its guests off Whitehaven and allows them to cruise up and down the full length of both northern and southern ends of the beach! Enjoy an Aussie BBQ lunch - courtesy of your captain - as well as a guided bush walk to both Hill Inlet Lookout and Whitehaven Beach Lookout for the most picture-perfect views!

The Whitehaven Xpress boat heading to the Whitsundays


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout

Departing From: Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach

Speed around the Whitsunday Islands at top speeds on Big Fury, cutting through the waves and whisking you to Whitehaven Beach in no time at all. Spend a tranquil two hours on the soft silica sand before jetting off to the best snorkelling spots in the Whitsundays like Hook Island, Border Island, and Hayman Island. The beauty of Big Fury is that it can pull right up on Whitehaven Beach, so you can go from boat to beach with ease! 

People posing on top of Big Fury in the Whitsundays

Best Overnight Tours To South Whitehaven Beach

Do you have a little more time to soak up the very best of the Whitsundays? There are some dreamy overnight tours that will give you plenty of time to enjoy the peace and quiet of South Whitehaven Beach, as well as a trip to the one and only Great Barrier Reef for some once-in-a-lifetime snorkelling, before enjoying a peaceful night's sleep on the calm ocean and waking up to an unforgettable golden sunrise.

A couple enjoying Whitehaven as the sun sets


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Great Barrier Reef

Departing From: Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach

Set off on an idyllic tour Whitsunday Islands on Blizzard; a sleek, luxurious sailing boat especially designed for smaller groups who want to uncover the very best of the Whitsundays. The Blizzard crew provides tours for up to 3 days and 2 nights - depending on how much time you have to spend - giving its select few guests ample time to explore the hidden gems of northern and southern Whitehaven Beach in comfort, serenity, and style. The adult-only trip also sails guests out for a magical snorkel session in the Great Barrier Reef. Blizzard takes a maximum of 10 people, so your Whitehaven visit will be ultra-private, but if you’d like a more personalised tour, it’s also available for Private Charter.

A couple enjoying the sun on The Blizzard


Goes To: North and South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Great Barrier Reef

Departing From: Airlie Beach

Apollo is the perfect tour for those who want to enjoy authentic sailing and cruise through the deep blue at top speeds! For 3 days and 2 nights, live it up on a 76 ft Australian sailing legend, which has famously competed in races all over the world, with visits to North and South Whitehaven, Hill Inlet Lookout, and the Great Barrier Reef! Perfect for the young and the young at heart, Apollo promises a fun-filled trip that you’ll never forget, with an experienced crew who are ready to show you all the best bits of the Whitsundays.

The Apollo sailing boat

Best Private Charters To South Whitehaven Beach

Curate a tour itinerary that suits you best and enjoy exclusive spots along the Whitsundays with your nearest and dearest with a private charter. From modern yachts to authentic sailing boats, choose from some of the most glamorous vessels in the Whitsundays to take you out on a luxurious tour, customised exactly to your liking.

South Whitehaven Beach, The Whitsundays


Salty is an excellent charter option for those looking to spend some private time on Whitehaven Beach. With an excellent, hands-on crew, delicious alfresco dining, and intimate visits to Hill Inlet, South Whitehaven Beach, and the Great Barrier Reef, this deluxe yacht is the perfect option for a small group planning to explore the Whitsundays in style. The vessel fits up to 8 guests and offers a range of private day charters, from morning trips to sunset spins to full-day tours.

A group of friends posing on Salty in the Whitsundays


Set off in a swanky catamaran for a tropical tour of the Whitsundays, complete with stand-up paddleboards and snorkel gear to guarantee some fun in the sun with your loved ones. With 4 private cabins onboard, and plenty of deck space, Whitsunday Blue can take up to eight guests for an ultra-exclusive tour for either two or three nights. Crew will design an itinerary especially for your group, so you'll be sure to see the best of the pristine Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet.

Holidaymakers on Whitsunday Blue near Whitehaven Beach


Enjoy a cushy private cruise among the 74 Whitsunday Islands with your friends and family in the ultra-stylish Whitsunday Getaway. Not only does the Getaway take its maximum of eight guests snorkelling in some of the best reefs in the world, but it whisks them off to the best spots on Whitehaven Beach. For either two nights, three nights, or four nights, enjoy authentic Aussie BBQ meals, soak up the sun on cozy foredeck nets, or relax in your air-conditioned queen cabin. Whatever you decide to do, you certainly won't be bored on the Getaway!

People posing on the Getaway in Whitsundays


If you're more interested in an authentic sailing experience, the beautiful 54ft Milady could be the private charter for you. Complete with gourmet food options, private views of glistening Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, Milady takes up to 12 guests out for dreamy day sails from Airlie Beach, Daydream Island, or Hamilton Island. When you're not basking in the sun on South Whitehaven, you can enjoy some snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, take a turn on the helm and setting sail, or just chill out on the deck. Milady is a great option for couples who are on the lookout for a romantic, intimate tour.

People cheersing on board the Milady Private Charter


Providence V is an impressive 62ft tall ship that's available for private charter for full day, half-day, and sunset sails - and especially popular for special occasions like hens and bucks parties or weddings! With snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, customised trips to Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet, and Betty's Beach, and space for up to 24 passengers, Providence V is an idyllic private charter for anyone hoping to live it up on an authentic day sail.

A girl smiling in front of Providence V in the Whitsundays


Enjoy a first-class tour of the Whitsundays, featuring some of the most exclusive water activities, and room for up to 16 guests on PowerPlay. Boasting one of the most lavish tours of the islands, Powerplay spoils passengers with fantastic reef snorkels, swims in sparkling blue waters alongside dolphins and other marine life, stand-up paddleboarding, a heated onboard spa, and your very own crew. After a day of water sports and exploring Whitehaven Beach, enjoy a drink under the stars, and enjoy a fascinating show with the help of Powerplay's underwater blue lights, which brings some of the most exciting marine life right to your feet!

A group of passengers soaking up the sun on Powerplay in the Whitsundays


If you liked the look of the thrilling Whitsunday Bullet day tour, but want to enjoy a little bit more privacy onboard, why not hire the same boat and crew for private charter? Splash around on stand-up paddleboards, snorkel in some of the most stunning reefs, and soak up the sun on South Whitehaven Beach - with a delicious buffet lunch in between to keep your energy-levels high! 

Holidaymakers posing on the Whitsunday Bullet at Whitehaven Beach


Are you intrigued by the glamour and excitement of Blizzard? Would you prefer to enjoy it on your terms with no one but your friends and family? You're in luck! Blizzard is available to private charter for one, two, or three nights! Book the sleek vessel for up to ten of your nearest and dearest, so you can all cruise around the Whitsundays together in style, with options to tailor the itinerary with your crew, based on which parts of the Whitsundays you want to see the most! Explore South Whitehaven Beach, set off on guided bushwalks, and soak up all the sights of the sea with some dreamy private snorkelling!

People enjoying a Blizzard private charter near Whitehaven Beach

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