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Great Barrier Reef Tours

Here at Sailing Whitsundays and Mr Travel we are at the very heart of the Great Barrier Reef! Located right in the heart of Airlie Beach, the Gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and The Great Barrier Reef.

For thirty five years the owner of Mr Travel has been sailing the waters of the reef in both racing and cruising vessels. This wealth of experience shows in the knowledge and information we bring to our website. 

There are numerous tours to choose from, we would like to help you get on the right tour and have the holiday of a lifetime. By carefully determining what each tour offers we are able to help you select the right boat with other like minded individuals.

When Staying in and around The Whitsunday Islands, you have several ways of getting to the actual reef itself. There is no place on the East Coast of Australia where can you actually reach any parts of the reef without climbing on a vessel and traveling a short distance offshore. It is true that the reef is closer to the mainland in the areas North and South of Cairns by a small amount.

We at the Whitsundays know however this is to our advantage, as the accessible sections of the Great Barrier reef are not as busy, with less boats and less people, same awesome reef. Just with less frequent use by the locals and travelers alike this means our reefs are in more pristine condition than other more often visited reef areas. Hamilton Island recently grabbed the headlines by claiming the new title for re naming the Hamilton Island Airport to the Great Barrier Reef Airport.

The type of tours you can select from included:

  • Overnight trips staying three nights on the reef and visiting the Islands such as Anaconda 3.
  • Overnight trips staying two nights on the reef and visiting islands such as SV Kiana.
  • Day trips to the outer reef with Cruise Whitsundays.
  • Fly/Cruise packages where you catch a helicopter one way and a boat the other.
  • Fly both ways for a quick half day visit to the awesome Great Barrier reef.
  • Fly only for an aerial view of the reef.
  • Plus here at Mr Travel we can also help with specialised overnight private boat charters to The Outer Reef.
  • With so many choices its only a phone call away for us to help you make the best decision for you..
  • Plus the call is free and you can guarantee you will get a quick response and prompt courteous serve.


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