Is it worth going to the Whitsundays?

Without hesitation - yes! 

Picture yourself walking along sandy, secluded beaches as crystal-clear waters lapse onto the shoreline, followed by a glass of your favourite wine as you sail into the bright setting sun, cascading island landscapes in the distance. You’ve done it - you’re in the Whitsundays!

Women with snorkel lying on Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Updated 06/02/22

The Whitsundays are an archipelago of 74 dreamy tropical islands found off the eastern coastline of Australia. Situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, hundreds of thousands of interstate and international travellers visit the region each year to experience the flourishing fringing reef ecosystems and extraordinary marine life for themselves. 

With a multitude of flexible itinerary options sure to make your eyes pop, there is something for every type of visitor to the Whitsundays! From romantic couples sailing tours on a luxurious catamaran, jam-packed family-friendly day tours of the Whitsunday Islands, or budget-friendly backpackers trips sure to get you laughing with friends old and new! 

Is it worth going to the Whitsundays you ask? Yes, it is! Set your watch to island time, put on your swimsuit and let the locals fill you in on why!

Whitehaven Beach’s silica sand shorelines

Continuously cited over the years as one of the world’s best beaches, the bright silica sand shorelines and tranquil turquoise lagoons found at Whitehaven Beach are the epitome of tropical bliss! A trip to the Whitsundays would be incomplete without lounging on Whitehaven Beach, and a picture of you doing so! 

The best way to visit the Whitsunday Islands is on a day or overnight tour, with the majority of trips including a visit to the phenomenal natural beauty of Whitehaven Beach!

Group of people splashing in the ocean, Whitehaven Beach

Hill Inlet’s breathtaking panoramic views 

It is one thing to look at the thousands of stunning images of Hill Inlet Lookout’s panoramic views of ever-swirling silica sands and jewel-coloured waters, and another to experience the shifting tides for yourself! Don’t forget to pack your camera!

Following a short uphill walk, you will reach the three spacious viewing decks that overlook the 7km stretch of Hill Inlet’s magnificence! Cool off with a refreshing wade in Whitehaven’s splendour after.

Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsundays

Snorkelling amongst fringing reefs

Home to a large section of the wondrous Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the Whitsundays boasts flourishing fringing reefs teeming with unique colourful corals and local marine life! Put on a snorkel and forget about your every worry as you submerge into the underwater playgrounds below. 

Get ready to bump shoulders with brilliant humphead Maori Wrasse, giant trevallies, and quirky batfish at Mantaray Bay off Hook Island! If a day tour filled with an abundance of snorkelling is what you’re seeking we recommend Ocean Rafting-Northern Exposure

Person taking a selfie whilst snorkelling amongst reef fish, Whitsundays

Sailing around the Whitsundays 74 Islands

A sailors dream, the Whitsundays boasts calm, protected waters that are made for setting the sail, feeling the ocean breeze, and popping open the bubbly! The islands of the Whitsundays are best seen and experienced on the water, as a plethora of serene coves and deserted coral-lined beaches lay at your ‘doorstep’! Check out our dreamy three-night sample itinerary onboard Getaway!

Depending on your budget, and sailing style, there are more than plenty of overnight sailing tours to choose from! From small group or private sailing trips, where your friendly crew will sail from one uncrowded picturesque destination to the next, or, an intimate sailing adventure as you skipper a hired bareboat around the islands.

Overnight sailing tour, Whitsundays

Exploring secluded tropical islands

An overnight sailing experience of the Whitsunday Islands will allow you to wake slowly to the bright Whitsundays sunrises, before embarking on days filled with exploring secluded tropical islands.

Watch baby stingrays play in the shallows from Langford Islands shorelines and set up your towel on the uncrowded white sandy stretches of South Whitehaven! The flexible itinerary options are yours to enjoy!

Secluded islands, Whitsundays

Luxurious island resort escapes

Searching for a romantic long-weekend escape for you and that special someone, with luxurious resort living and intimate dining? The Whitsundays boasts two idyllic islands, Hamilton Island and Daydream Island, that offer an abundance of state-of-the-art accommodation and stunning beaches. 

With plenty of things to do on both Hamilton Island and Daydream Island, these luxurious island resorts are additionally popular amongst families and friends searching for a getaway! If you’re on a budget, be sure to check out our day trip offers!

Two women holding cocktail in the pool, Hamilton Island

Snorkelling with marine life on the Outer Reef

Soak up the wonder of the Whitsundays Outer Reef, home to spectacular stretches of biodiverse, flourishing reefs and abundances of unique marine species that are just waiting to say hello! Choose from a variety of tours that allow you to experience the raw magic of the Outer Reef!

Opt to experience a luxurious night under the stars on Reefsleep, and wake to the rising sun over the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park before starting a day of unforgettable snorkelling and decadent dining! A magical adventure truly like no other! 

Women lounging on Reefsleep, Outer Reef

Airlie Beach’s laid-back, coastal lifestyle

More than just the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach is an enticing, vibrant coastal town that attracts holidaymakers at all times of the year! Order a cocktail at one of the many seaside bars and restaurants, take a dip in the Airlie Beach Lagoon overlooking the Coral Sea, and adjust to the laid-back Airlie lifestyle!

Before heading out to the Whitsunday Islands be sure to book a few nights in the bustling hub of Airlie Beach - a perfect way to unwind into the island way of living!

Women on a swing overlooking Airlie Beach Marina

Hiking and walking to picturesque lookouts

Both the Whitsundays mainland and islands behold more than a fair share of glorious walks and hikes, that lead through thriving rainforest vegetation to draw-dropping panoramic lookouts of the surrounding coastlines!

With a variety of hikes and walks in the Whitsundays to suit all ages and fitness levels, there is an adventure waiting for everyone! If you’re eager to immerse yourself in the Whitsundays national parks, the Trails of the Whitsundays onboard Powerplay is the trip for you!

Group of people at the summit of the Whitsunday Cairn hike, Whitsundays

Flying over the natural wonder of Heart Reef

One of mother natures finest creations is the astonishing heart-shaped composition of coral at Hardy Reef! Located in Hardy Reef, Heart Reef is best experienced from above on a helicopter or seaplane tour. Many visitors choose to combine their Heart Reef tour with another Whitsundays tour, to create a jam-packed day never to be forgotten!

Feel the romance as you fly over Heart Reef, a sought after place for marriage proposals and unforgettable gestures of love in the Whitsundays!

Heart Reef, Whitsundays

Yes, the Whitsundays is the ideal destination for your next tropical escape!

It’s time to start planning the perfect itinerary to suit your Whitsundays desires - check out our guide on How to do the Whitsundays! We’ve planned getaway options for every type of budget and traveller, now it’s up to you to make your dreams reality!

For a free, personalised Whitsundays itinerary, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced, local travel agent! 

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