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The Top 12 Places To Propose In The Whitsundays

Updated Thu 28 Dec 2023

Where are the best places to propose in the Whitsundays? This gorgeous area is filled with perfect locations to declare your love! The Whitsundays are known as one of the more romantic places in Australia. Dotted with tropical islands, colourful reefs, lush green forests, and white sandy beaches, it evokes a sense of romance, occasion and even the desire to take the next step and pop the question!

Top 12 Places To Propose Whitsundays

Top 12 Places To Propose In The Whitsundays

There are many romantic places in the Whitsundays where one might propose the question of marriage to their loved one. Here at Sailing Whitsundays we love 'love' and have listed a few of our favourite romantic places where you can ask one of the most important questions of your life!

couple standing at a lookout in the Whitsundays

1. Heart Reef

Heart Reef is probably the most romantic place in the Whitsundays and with good reason. The naturally formed heart-shaped coral is found on the Outer Great Barrier Reef and can only be witnessed on a scenic flight and brings in romantics from all over the world! The heart coral inspires a feeling of love and awe all in the same breath and is sure to stir the heart of your loved one. You can let your pilot know about your plans beforehand and they will help you make the moment extra special.

See the Heart Reef on one of these spectacular aerial tours!

view of Heart Reef from a seaplane

2. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

Whitehaven Beach is without a doubt one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world. The soft white sands, warm waves and tropical rainforest fringing the shores make for the perfect place to commit yourself to someone forever! Bring along a ring, find yourself a secluded corner and you're all set. There are many day tours and overnight trips that visit the beach where you can begin your life as an engaged couple!

couple walking along the sand at Whitehaven Beach

3. Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsunday Island

Hill Inlet Lookout has the most beautiful vantage points in the entirety of the Whitsundays and perhaps even in the whole of Australia. The lookout point overlooks the swirling sands of Hill Inlet below that create a natural kaleidoscope of blues, tans and whites that changes with each passing moment. The lookout point also has panoramic views of the surrounding tropical islands and the Coral Sea that creates the perfect backdrop for photos. If you're booking a tour, let your guide know about your plans so they can capture the moment on camera with the stunning view in the background.

couple smiling at Hill Inlet Lookout Whitsundays

4. On a sailboat

Sailing in the Whitsundays is one of the more well-known and fun things to do while visiting this part of Australia. There are many day and overnight sailing trips that are suitable for couples, any of which would provide the perfect place to propose. If you want something a step above the rest, opt to go on a luxury catamaran or luxury sailboat where you will find small numbers, an attentive crew and comfortable, private accommodation. Just picture yourself at anchor, with the soft lull of the ocean waves surrounding you, perhaps stars overhead with nothing but the sound of your own heart beating as you ask the love of your life to marry you!

sailing, whitsundays, proposal

5. Sunset cruise

Sail into romance as the sun sets in the Whitsundays. Enjoy a glass of champagne with your loved one and watch the sky come alive with colour as you get ready to ask the biggest question of your life! With sails above, waves below and colours all around, you couldn't ask for a better atmosphere to set the mood for a proposal. 

couple clinking glasses on a sunset cruise

6. Hamilton Island

If you want to venture outside the comforts of Airlie Beach, you can head to the beautiful Hamilton Island to pop the question. One Tree Hill is the island's renowned lookout point and offers beautiful views of the surrounding islands and blue ocean that certainly sets the mood for a romantic endeavour. You can rent a buggy and make your way to the lookout point with your loved one, where you will find the perfect place for sunset cocktails. Catseye Beach is another gorgeous spot to propose in the Whitsundays!

Couple walking on Catseye Beach Hamilton Island

7. Cedar Creek Falls

If you're looking for somewhere a little different to propose, Cedar Creek Falls may just be the place. The rushing waterfall is best visited in the wet season, where the falls are at their best. The rock pool below is surrounded by lush green trees and creates an oasis in the middle of the forest. You will feel like the only two people in the world if you're able to catch this exotic place to yourselves and create the perfect romantic moment.

girl in a dress wading in Cedar Creek Falls

8. Off the beaten path

If you find yourself on a hike or in a remote, non-touristy town somewhere in the Whitsundays, why not bring the ring along, just in case? The walking paths and bush tracks around Airlie Beach and on the Whitsundays Islands create a feeling of adventure, romance and solitude that may offer the perfect opportunity to ask your partner to marry you. With wild birds calling and the sound of a light ocean breeze rustling the leaves on the trees and ferns on the ground, you can't ask for a more stunning place to pop the question. 

Couple hiking along a remote bush path

9. Picnic on the Beach

The Whitsundays are full of amazing beaches (including the beautiful Whitehaven Beach) where you can set up a picnic and laze the day away. Make your way to Horseshoe Bay in Bowen or Boathaven Beach in Airlie Beach, taking along necessities such as a beach umbrella, snacks, bubbly and a shiny new engagement ring! Find your own private corner on the beach and allow the ocean sounds and sights to set the mood as you get ready to ask the big question!

Whitehaven Beach Picnic with champagne

10. Extreme and adventurous proposal

If you're proposing to an adrenaline addict, why not fuel their addiction with an extreme proposal? Buy them a skydive and wait at the bottom with a ring in hand! Or better yet, why not give them a ride in an aerobatic fighter plane? When they land, with a heart full of joy and a body full of energy, you can add for their perfect day and ask them to marry you! Or wait until you're at the summit of an epic hike and then pop the question. 

couple standing at the top of a hike in the Whitsundays

11. Under the waves

Pop the question under the waves on the Great Barrier Reef with a scuba proposal. If you and your partner are into life under the water this is the perfect place to ask the big question! Prearrange this ahead of time, and make sure your instructor or guide is aware of your intentions so they can grab the moment on camera. You also might want to practice your pantomime beforehand, since you won't technically be asking any questions when you're down below! Just make sure you've tied the ring to something... Choose from one of the overnight diving boats for your chance to make a statement on your next scuba trip!

scuba diving couple

12. At A Luxury Resort

There are several resorts found all over the Whitsundays, all of which would make a great place to pop the question. They range from high-end flash resorts such as Hayman Island and Hamilton Island to eco-resorts like Elysian Retreat on Long Island or Cape Gloucester in Hydeaway Bay. You can choose the right resort for you, depending on the type of couple you are and what you're into. Eco resorts will offer more privacy and seclusion as well as more access to nature and the outdoors, whereas more flash resorts will offer more comforts of home and access to fancy restaurants, spas and more.

couple kissing at an eco resort on Hamilton Island

The Whitsundays offer plenty of romance to make your proposal perfect.

If you need more ideas on how to spend your time in the Whitsundays, feel free to live chat with our local staff who are available 24/7!

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