The Top 10 beaches in the Whitsundays

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Updated 21/01/22

The Whitsunday region is famous for its beautiful tropical islands, secluded colourful reefs, fun seaside towns and of course, its stunning beaches. 

We’ve listed a few of the well known and a few of the not-so-well-known to inspire you for your next day at the beach. Bring along your beach umbrella and sunscreen and get ready for a day of fun and adventure on one of the many beaches found in the Whitsundays.

1. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is undoubtedly the most well-known and well-loved beach in the Whitsundays. It is famed worldwide and has a reputation as one of the best beaches in the world. The soft sands are a thing of legend and are said to be the finest in the world. The warm, calm waters are great for swimming, relaxing and hanging out, and the stretches of shoreline leave much to the imagination. The edge of the beach is fringed with hanging palm trees and the point-of-view features tropical islands and blue water as far as the eye can see. And when you’re there, pay attention to the sounds around you! The sands are so fine they create a squeaking sound when you walk on them!

2. Betty’s Beach

Betty’s Beach is Whitehaven’s little sister. Found just around the corner, it’s a small beach that’s a little bit off the beaten path and offers more privacy and seclusion. Some chartered tours venture here, but it is often empty of people, with only waves, sand and sun to keep you company. There’s a hammock found in the trees behind the beach if you feel up for finding it and relaxing in the shade.

bettys beach

3. Chalkies Beach

Chalkies is a more off-the-beaten-path beach found opposite Whitehaven Beach on Hazelwood Island. It shares the same soft silica sands but lacks the larger crowds that can be found at Whitehaven. It also has coral reefs close to the shore, meaning you can also have a little extra adventure while enjoying this stunning tropical escape. Just bring along your snorkelling gear and you can leave right from the shore to explore what waits below!

4. Catseye Beach

Catseye Beach is the central beach found on Hamilton Island, one of the resort islands in the Whitsundays. The beach is located in the middle of the action and is a great place for spotting turtles! You can snorkel right off the shore, or rent kayaks, paddleboards and Hobie catamarans to enjoy the coastline at its best. The beach itself also hosts nice, soft sands that are great for relaxing and catching sun rays. 

5. Sunlovers Beach

Sunlovers Beach is found on Daydream Island, one of the 74 Whitsunday Islands. Thanks to the neighbouring islands, the shoreline is protected and waves are low and calm at this beach, making it a great place to go for a dip and enjoy the warm water of the Coral Sea. It’s great for both snorkelling and swimming and is located next to Daydream Island Resort, meaning you’re never far away from the action. You can visit this beach by taking a ferry to Daydream Island for the day, or you can stay on the resort island itself and spend some time at this quiet beach.

6. Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is found on Whitsunday Island, which is also the home of Whitehaven Beach. For this reason, Turtle Bay is often overlooked and underrated! The bay itself has 5 beaches, 4 of which can be visited during low tide. The beach is great for swimming and snorkelling and has great views of the surrounding area! You’re only going to be able to visit this beach if you charter your own boat, as no Whitsunday sailing tours visit here. 

7. Langford Sandbar

Langford Sandbar is known for its turtle population and ‘disappearing’ beach. Due to its low elevation, the sandbar is only accessible at certain times of day when the tide is right! Sometimes it is a full-sized beach, and other times, it’s completely underwater! You can snorkel right off the shore and explore the colourful corals that await you, or relax on the sandy shores soaking up the sun!

langford island

8. Mays Bay 

Mays Bay is a good beach to visit if you like wildlife spotting! This little-known beach is another gem that can be found on Whitsunday Island and has plentiful wildlife that frequent the area. It has beautiful sunsets and is a great place for kayaking and paddleboarding!

9. Cateran Bay

Cateran Bay is found on Border Island and offers a huge variety of things to do! From this beach, you can dive, snorkel, swim, relax or bush walk up to a lookout point (you have to bring all your own equipment along with you). The corals offshore are abundant and colourful and offer a stunning insight into the underwater world.

10. Boathaven Beach

Boathaven Beach is the main swimming beach found in the town of Airlie Beach. It has a stinger net and a large area for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view! It’s within walking distance all hotels and hostels in Airlie and is a great way to spend an afternoon. Bring along an eskie and beach umbrella and look forward to a day spent enjoying the Whitsunday sun.

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