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Gabby Boucher
Updated Fri 15 Dec 2023

Make your journey around the Whitsundays as smooth and seamless as possible with a Whitsunday Water Taxi! The Whitsundays are a collection of 74 pristine, tropical islands surrounded by the warm, sapphire waters of the Coral Sea. You can hop from island to island on a customisable private boat charter, enjoying stunning beaches and epic snorkelling spots along the way. Here is everything you need to know about booking a Whitsunday Water Taxi!

snorkellers jumping off a boat in the whitsundays

How Do You Get Around The Whitsundays?

You can get around the Whitsunday Islands via boat, seaplane, or helicopter. If you choose to travel by boat, which is the most popular way, you can either join guided group tours or book a private charter. Boats are efficient and affordable, and you can choose between day charters that act as Whitsunday Water Taxis, or you can join overnight tours. You can also charter superyachts if you're looking for a more upscale way to travel around the Whitsundays!

Seaplane or helicopter journeys are more limited than boat journeys. Most seaplane or helicopter tours are purely for the purpose of sightseeing, and there are only a few options that actually allow you to land on Whitehaven Beach. But it's still worth booking a scenic flight just for the incredible experience of seeing the islands and the Great Barrier Reef from above! But the most popular way to get around the Whitsundays is by boat, either on a tour or a private charter.

Whitsunday Islands at sunrise

What is a Whitsunday Water Taxi?

Think of a Whitsunday Water Taxi as a private shuttle on the water! If you need to get from one island to the next, a Whitsunday Water Taxi can get you there efficiently. The difference between a private water taxi in the Whitsundays and a standard tour boat is the freedom, privacy, and flexibility. 

You can hop between islands in the Whitsundays on a guided tour, but you have to share the boat with other passengers and follow a structured itinerary. This is great for first-time travellers to the Whitsundays who don't know what they want to do! But private water taxis allow you to be the boss of the itinerary. Plus they're perfect for small groups or families who want an independent day on the water without other tourists around. 

water taxi sailing through the Whitsundays

Examples of Whitsunday Water Taxis

So which Water Taxi should you book in the Whitsundays? There are lots of amazing options that suit a range of travellers. Whether you're a small group of friends, a family, or a couple on a romantic getaway, here are some of the best options for getting around the Whitsundays in style. 


Salty is a sleek, modern vessel that offers a wide variety of charters including different island pick-up locations and half-day charters. You can design your own itinerary, visit beautiful locations in the Whitsundays, and enjoy snack platters throughout the day with optional seafood upgrades. Salty is perfect for travellers of all ages, complete with comfy sunbeds that are perfect for kids and snorkel gear so everyone can have fun in the water. 


You can book the small and speedy Axopar at an hourly rate for a custom experience in the Whitsundays. With shaded areas onboard and options to add-on catering, beverages, and scuba diving, you can curate your dream day on the water! Also make use of the paddleboards, sea scooters, and snorkel gear that is included in your charter. 


Europa is another popular option for a Whitsunday Water Taxi. You can choose to visit 2 island locations on a 4-hour charter, 1 beach and 2 snorkel locations on a 6-hour charter, or 2 beaches and 2 snorkel locations on an 8-hour charter. Bring your own alcohol and add catering if you wish! An adventure guide and snorkel gear is included so you can have an amazing day in the Whitsundays. 


With 4, 6, and 8-hour charters available, Cheeky also offers customisable days in the Whitsunday Islands. This intimate vessel includes water and refreshments, an adventure guide and skipper, and a media center with Spotify and Bluetooth. Design your own itinerary, add on snorkel gear and catering packages for the day if you wish, and make use of the free Gopro provided onboard!

Popular destinations to visit with a Whitsunday Water Taxi

Whitsunday Water Taxis are great because they can take you to a wide variety of locations that organised tours might not visit. You don't have to abide by a pre-planned itinerary, you can decide where you want to go and when! Of course, your experienced skipper will make some recommendations based on the weather and tides to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable. But you can take a speedy vessel to any beautiful location you want in the Whitsundays! Here are some of the most popular places to visit with a water taxi from Airlie Beach

girls in snorkelling gear on whitehaven beach

Whitsunday Island

This is the largest island in the Whitsundays! Home to the world-famous Whitehaven Beach, most travellers in the area will spend at least a few hours on the silky white silica sands of this iconic beach. There are also lots of amazing hikes on this mountainous island, including the famous Hill Inlet Lookout and the challenging Whitsunday Cairn Track. 

Swirling sands at Hill Inlet Lookout Whitsundays

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is another well-known Whitsunday destination. Complete with world-class resorts, charming eateries and shops, and cocktail bars with tropical views, Hamilton Island is one of Australia's premier holiday spots. The natural beauty here is incredible as well, with glorious beaches and rewarding hiking trails. 

person overlooking the views of Hamilton Island

Daydream Island

Another popular resort island is the small but beautiful Daydream Island. The island is only 1km in length, but its resort is one of the best in the Whitsundays. Daydream Island Resort has undergone a recent renovation, and its spectacular "living reef" underwater observatory is a huge attraction among travelers. 

kid looking at reef aquarium on Daydream Island

Long Island

You can easily get a water taxi to Long Island in the Whitsundays! This lush and secluded island is very close to the mainland, but it remains largely untouched and undeveloped. The exception to the rugged natural beauty is the handful of luxury resorts that offer a tranquil escape into the wilderness, such as the 100% solar-powered Elysian Retreat.

girl walking along a secluded beach

Hayman Island

Hayman Island is another popular resort destination in the Whitsundays. Located near gorgeous snorkelling spots such as Langford Reef and Hook Island, Hayman Island is privately owned, making it an exclusive location only accessible for guests at the resort. 

people snorkelling with fish in the great barrier reef

There are many other secluded hidden gems in the Whitsundays that you can visit with a Whitsunday Water Taxi! Just ask our staff or your skipper for their recommendations. 

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