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Cedar Creek Falls, Proserpine

Located just a short drive form Airlie beach is one of the Whitsundays most beautiful safe swimming holes. A natural fresh water lagoon is surrounded by an amphitheater of rock formations. Filling the large rock pool is a natural waterfall that runs all year round but is spectacular in the wet season. The photos to the left were taken in December just before the beginning of the summer rains. Cedar creek is a popular spot to come and cool of in the crystal clear water and enjoy the serenity of the natural surroundings. The best months to view the falls is between December and April and even better is you are the day or two after some heavy rain.

The falls are truly spectacular in flood and you can swim right under the falls and enjoy the water cascading down. Even in dry season the falls still pour lovely fresh clean mountain water into the lagoon below.

The falls are surrounded by lush tropical rainforest with strangler figs and towering cedar trees. When you visit the falls please dont be tempted to leap of the very high ledges a drop of almost 30metres unfortunately the falls have claimed the lives of several tourists and locals alike. Its not badge of honor if jump of the top of the falls its just plain silly. Its easy to climb the face of the wall and enjoy the 10 meter jump and even better to whip off a quick action shot. Much, much safer than the huge fall and crash impact when leaping of the very top.

Here at Mr Travel we all recommend a visit to the falls and a nice quiet swim in a truly beautiful surrounding. As the locals like to visit on the weekends we recommend you come to the falls midweek if possible. If you bring your camera and tripod near dusk, you can get some of those slow shoot aperture shots of cascading water!

Also if lucky at dusk the local population of Eastern Snake neck turtles come to the shore edges to feed. The snack on worms, tadpoles, insects and small fish. Using their long necks they keep their heads close to the shell and the snap their necks to catch prey just like a snake. The animals are harmless but should not be handled as if picked up they excrete an awful smell from musk glands that is designed to warn off predators.

The pictures to left also show the gorgeous view that is just at the top of the falls, just short ten minute easy walk up a tree lined walkway - certainly worth the short hike to the top!

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