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Cedar Creek Falls, Airlie Beach

Updated Mon 27 Nov 2023

Cedar Creek Falls is a natural, cascading waterfall situated within the Whitsundays’ tropical rainforest. Located only 30km outside of Airlie Beach and 20km from Proserpine, it is the largest waterfall in the region. Attracting both locals and tourists alike, the falls are the perfect place to cool off during the warmer months and a safe place to swim to avoid the crocodiles or jellyfish during stinger season! The falls are surrounded by lush tropical rainforest with strangler figs and towering cedar trees and run into a crystal clear lagoon - ideal for a relaxing dip all year-round.

A waterfall in the lush rainforest

How do you get to Cedar Creek Falls?

There are a few different ways to visit Cedar Creek Falls!

If you have a car, the drive from Airlie Beach is only 30 minutes (30km). Apple or Google Maps are handy to follow if you need clear instructions on how to get there. The drive isn’t difficult at all. As you leave Airlie via Cannonvale, follow the signs towards Proserpine. After 12km is where you’ll find the turnoff to Conway Road. Follow that road for an additional 8km and take a left on Saltwater Creek Road. You’ll then come across a fork in the road that should have a sign signalling to turn right towards Cedar Creek Falls which is located at the end of that road. Check out the map below to use as a guide!

A graphic map showing the directions from Airlie Beach to Cedar Creek Falls

If you don’t have a car, you could either hire one and drive yourself, catch a taxi (which does seem a little excessive) or you could book a tour with us! We have a fun-filled day tour that not only takes you to Cedar Creek Falls, it also stops at iconic Whitsunday locations you might not have considered visiting otherwise. The Whitsundays Creek to Cape Day Tour will take you to the Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation, Cape Gloucester Resort and Frog Rock Beach too - all in the comfort of a 22-seat air-conditioned coach!

Another way of getting to Cedar Creek Falls is with the Airlie Hopper Tour, a 7-stop hop on, hop off day tour that will take you to some of the finest destinations in the area. with one of these stops being Cedar Creek! The bus will drop you off, before carrying on with the loop and coming back around 2 hours later to take you onto your next destination. 

When is the best time to visit Cedar Creek Falls?

The best months to visit Cedar Creek Falls are generally during the Whitsundays wet season, between the months of December and April. The falls are truly spectacular after a large downpour. However, throughout the dry season the falls still pour lovely fresh clean mountain water into the lagoon, creating a beautiful swimming location.

cedar creek falls two people standing on waterfall, Whitsundays hike

If you’re a tourist or backpacker wanting to escape the crowds, we recommend paying a visit to the waterfall midweek! The locals usually visit Cedar Creek on the weekends when they have their days off work which makes midweek less populated. Plus - seeing as you’re on holiday, time is in your favour which means you can afford to skip the weekend rush as any day of the week suits you! 

If you really want the falls all to yourself, try visiting first thing in the morning. Maybe pack a head torch and some snacks and hike to the lookout to wait to watch the sunrise peek over the mountain tops. Alternatively you could wait until the crowds leave at dusk and catch the stunning rays before the sun fades for the day. If you’re a keen photographer, dusk would be the perfect time to get some slow aperture shots of the cascading water. 

A girl in swimwear and a broad-brimmed hat facing a waterfall

How long is the walk at Cedar Creek Falls?

Unlike most waterfalls, which can sometimes be a treacherous journey to find, the walk to Cedar Creek Falls isn’t long at all! It is only a short 200m stroll from the carpark. If you’re visiting after a large downpour and the falls are flowing, you’ll be able to hear (and almost see) the rushing water from the moment you open the car door. There is a short walk you can take if you want to view the falls from a different perspective which takes only ten minutes (twenty minutes there and back)! 

If you are a keen hiker, check out the other hiking trails scattered throughout Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays as there are plenty! 

The back of a girl wearing a white dress and a brown hat looking at a waterfall

Is Cedar Creek Falls a hard hike?

To reach the top of Cedar Creek Falls, you can embark on a short and sweet hike. The hike isn’t hard at all and is suitable for all ages. Ensuring you are mindful of your step and take it easy, anyone can make it to the top to admire the stunning, mountainous lookout. The hiking trail only takes ten minutes and you can find the start of the track to the right of the lagoon (if you’re facing the waterfall). Just ensure you’re wearing shoes with some grip as the trail near the top can become quite steep!

cedar creek falls hike drone couples shot hiking whitsundays

The top of the waterfall is roughly 30 metres high. A lot of visitors have the urge to jump off the top. However, it is recommended that you refrain from doing so as it has unfortunately claimed the lives of several people. There are warning signs posted, so ensure you stay clear of the edge and avoid jumping off. If you are a thrill-seeker, the face of the falls has an easy 10 metre jump you can have some fun with and it’s much safer than leaping off the very top. 

A girl in swimwear facing away from the camera sitting on a branch looking at a waterfall

For more information on Cedar Creek Falls or any other Whitsunday related questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of travel experts on +61 74914 2425 or on our live chat!  

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