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Top 5 Photo Spots in the Whitsundays

Updated 30/11/21

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Your bags are packed, and your camera is ready to get clicking! Whether you are an eager photographer or seeking that next idyllic Instagram story, the 74 tropical islands of the Whitsundays and surrounding fringing reefs are sure to fill your camera roll during your next getaway.

Overwhelmed by the endless number of picturesque beaches and bays? Let the locals recommend their Top 5 Photo Spots in the Whitsundays!

Hill Inlet Lookout

Get ready to take in panoramic views of flowing silica sands and turquoise waters from Hill Inlet Lookout, that overlooks 7kms of Whitehaven Beach’s ever-shifting tides. From the Northern-end of Whitehaven Beach, embark on a short, ascending bushwalk through native vegetation and wildlife, to reach the three lookout platforms of Hill Inlet.

Providing a 180- degree vantage point the lookout is one of the most photographed locations in the world. Gather your friends and family for a group holiday shot, snap a romantic couple selfie, or capture stunning panoramas of the surrounding tropical islands. The swirling fusion of colours along the horizon and below guarantees that no two moments captured are ever the same!

Couple at Hill Inlet Lookout waving hat

A majority of day and overnight trips include a guided bushwalk to the picturesque viewpoints of Hill Inlet Lookout, during a visit to the famous shores of Whitehaven Beach. To get clicking at one of the best views in Australia, enquire about our Whitsundays trips and tours today.

Bettys Beach, Whitehaven

Searching for that perfect location hidden from crowds on Whitehaven Beach, to capture dreamy getaway content that will leave your friends and family back home in awe? The hidden treasure of Bettys Beach lays nestled behind a rocky head on the northern end of Whitehaven Beach, creating a secluded, protected cove for all to enjoy.

Instead of turning left back to Tongue Bay on the Hill Inlet bush walk, take a right to follow the trail to the northern end of Whitehaven. Once you emerge on the sand, follow the shoreline to the left until you reach the rocky head of Bettys Beach. Lay out your towels along the 98% pure silica sands, and wade in the shallow waters. This hidden treasure of the Whitsundays provides the ideal opportunity to capture that candid moment in tropical paradise!

Two friends jumping on Bettys Beach, Whitehaven Island

Whilst a majority of day and overnight trips visit the famous shores of Whitehaven Beach, not all tours go to both the northern and southern ends of Whitehaven. To explore the hidden beauty of Bettys Beach, let us help you pick the best tour to get you there!

Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island

Ready for some blissful downtime, and a picture-perfect snap of you relaxing on a sun lounge amongst palm trees, with tropical islands laying in the distance? The serene shoreline of Cateye Beach stretches for 0.8km along the renowned Hamilton Island, boasting a convenient and accessible coastline for all to enjoy!

After finishing your book or midday snooze, explore the pristine waters by kayak or paddleboard, and snorkel amongst the rocky foreshores and colourful marine life that call the bay home. Catesye Beach is the ideal time to bring out that underwater camera or GoPro to capture lively moments on the water with friends or family. Make sure to pinch yourself from the ocean, as you look back onto the sprawling palm trees, white sands, and luxury accommodation in the distance!

Hamilton Island, Whitsundays aerial shot

To ensure your downtime on Catseye Beach, enquire about our range of accommodation options, day tours, and overnight trips to Hamilton Island. Let our team help organise your picturesque getaway today.

Manta Ray Bay

Eager to dive and snorkel amongst bright forests of coral and vibrant species of local marine life, whilst securing that goofy action shot in a snorkel, mask, and flippers? Mantaray Bay, tucked away in the north of Hook Island, is considered one of the best snorkelling locations in the Whitsundays, providing an unforgettable insight into the abundant underwater playgrounds of the Great Barrier Reef!

Lay your eyes on unique species such as Maori Wrasses, parrotfish, batfish, giant trevallies, and coral trouts, amongst an array of lively tropical fish. Valleys and caves nestled along the perimeter of Mantaray Bay, in addition, provide an adventurous experience for avid divers in the Whitsundays. Whilst Mantaray Bay provides endless opportunities to photograph moments exploring the hard and soft corals, and myriad of marine life, make sure to take it easy and simply ‘submerge’ yourself in the natural splendours of Hook Island!

Family snorkelling amongst tropical fish at Mantaray Bay, Whitsundays

Although overnight stays are not recommended in Mantaray Bay due to currents and swell exposure, let our team help pick and organise an adventurous day trip on the water. To snorkel and dive the underwater playgrounds of Mantaray Bay, enquire today!

Scenic flight over Heart Reef

Finish your dream getaway with a one-of-a-kind experience cruising above the islands, beaches, and reefs of the beautiful Whitsundays. After exploring and capturing the natural wonder of Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, and the surrounding tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, take in the heart-shaped formation of coral located in Hardy Reef from above!

From take-off on the GSL Aviation’s signature flight, your eyes are sure to be fixated on the best locations of the Whitsundays from a guaranteed window seat. Be sure to press record as you fly low over kaleidoscopes of turquoise and aqua waters, in the approach to the naturally formed Heart Reef. Capture the ‘heart’ of the Whitsundays, in an experience only viable from the air!

View of Heart Reef from scenic flight over the Whitsundays

To guarantee your unforgettable one-hour scenic flight to Heart Reef, departing from Airlie Beach, enquire about our GSL Aviation’s signature flight. Let our experienced staff help organise your flight over the best of the Whitsundays today.

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