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Whitsundays Girls Weekends

We have heard the Whitsundays described in many ways, nothing will really do the islands justice in just mere words. If we tried it might go something like this.

The colors of the blazing sun reflect among sugar-white sands, The turquoise waters lap and shimmer around your ankles, the tropical green backdrop takes you so far away for the city that you believe that you have found yourself at the beginning of time itself. Then a helicopter buzzes overhead and you realize that you are walking along the shoreline of a deserted island.

The experience you have in the Whitsundays is totally dependent on how well you choose your vessel for the trip.

We suggest that you choose wisely as the wrong choice can have you and your girlfriends screaming for that Helicopter to take you home. Now that right choice can give you the experience of a lifetime.

Lets say we are planning a girls weekend for you and three mates and you need a Saturday Departure.

We would suggest Iceberg if your are on a tight budget, Power play if you want to dive or maybe the budget would carry to the stylish cruising catamaran Adventurer with her own Spa onboard.

The above boats are all inclusive with all meals.

If four and five star is more where your girlfriends are at, then we would suggest the full pampering cruise of Whitsunday Blue, On Ice or even the brand New Blizzard, these vessels will always impress and you will have no trouble telling your friends that you have booked the best.

So we can get this holiday just right its important that our friendly helpers can discuss with what you want from a girls weekend away. We can even package your holiday witha few nights at The wonderful Daydream Island Spa resort. Now if you are under thirty and would prefer to have some more action on your holiday then let us help find the right maxi sailing vessel. The ex racers tend to attract quiet a few of the muscled up foreign boys if you get my drift..

The best person to put on the right track is Lizzy Stearn, fifteen years of experience in getting your travel plans just right and always handy with a smile on her face.

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