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Which overnight sailing tours include watersports?

Rope Swing on Solway Lass

No matter what tour you choose in the Whitsundays, you are bound to have an amazing time exploring, relaxing and enjoy the beauty of the tropics. However, if you want a little something extra during your Whitsundays adventure, choosing a tour that has some extra bonuses might be the way to go! Different tours have different additions including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, hot tubs and much more.

Below we have listed which boats have a little something extra for guests to enjoy during their Whitsundays tour. 

SV Whitehaven - 2 day, 1 night: Kayaks

Summertime - 2 day, 1night: Kayaks and freshwater spa 

Powerplay - 2 day, 2 night: Spa, blue lights, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks

Blizzard - 2 day, 2 night: Sea scooter

On Ice - 2 day, 2 night: Clear kayak, stand-up paddleboards, sea scooter

Whitsunday Adventurer - 2 day, 2 night: Spa, stand-up paddleboards, inflatable kayaks, blue lights

Tongarra - 2 day, 2 night: Red shark inflatable tube

New Horizon - 2 day, 2 night: Waterslide, stand-up paddleboards

Atlantic Clipper - 2 day, 2 night: Waterslide, spa, paddleboards

Whitsunday Blue - 2 day, 2 night: Stand-up paddleboards, DVD players

Ride to Paradise - 2 day, 2 night: Pool, tennis court, hammocks, spa, stand-up paddleboards

Whitsunday Getaway - 2 day, 2 night: Stand-up paddleboards, DVD players

Solway Lass - 3 day, 3 night: Rope swing *NEW* Glass Bottom Boat

Alexander Stewart - 2 day, 1 night: Stand-up paddleboards

All of these tours also include snorkelling, swimming and a trip to Whitehaven Beach. Depending on how many days and nights the tour is will reflect how much snorkelling time or hours on Whitehaven you will have. The extra bonuses are always fun to try when you're anchored at a reef or settled in for the evening. Checking out the reefs from a kayak or stand-up paddleboard gives guests a whole new way to see the reef and its colourful inhabitants. Waterslides, inflatable tubes, sea scooters and blue lights (for attracting marine life at night) add a little something extra that you won't see on most boats in the Whitsundays. Trips that include onboard spas gives guests the chance to relax after a long day and enjoy soaking in the water and watching the stars!

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