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What is the weather like in the Whitsundays in September?

Updated Fri 01 Sep 2023

Betty's Beach on a bright, sunny September day

Spring has arrived in the Whitsundays! It is agreed amongst locals and travel experts alike that September is the best time of the year to visit the Whitsundays - due to the astounding sunny weather, low humidity, and near non-existent rainfall!

Avoiding stinger season and the majority of the busy school holiday period, September in the Whitsundays combines sensational sailing conditions with comfortable, warm temperatures without the burn! The abundance of gleaming turquoise and azure lagoons, luminous white silica sands, and lush cascading island landscapes are at their best during September in the Whitsundays! The ideal month for wondrous sailing adventures and blissful tropical downtime!

September in the Whitsundays: Temperature and Humidity

The daily average temperature for September in the Whitsundays is 22.6°C, with an average high of 25.4°C and an average low of 19.8°C. The sun generally rises in the Whitsundays in September at 6:15 am, slowly rising earlier as the spring month progresses.

The ocean temperature in the Whitsundays in September sits at an inviting 26°C, perfect for days spent snorkelling in tranquil conditions!

The month of September receives the least amount of rainfall in the Whitsundays collecting an extremely minimal 25.5mm of rain.

Humidity in the Whitsundays region during September falls at approximately 71%.

For up-to-date radars and alerts for severe weather during your trip to the Whitsundays, check the Bureau of Meteorology’s radar. Find more information on the Whitsundays weather here.

Two women wearing snorkel mask smiling, Whitsundays

Tips for travelling to the Whitsundays in September


Remember your sun safety

The North Queensland heat is strong at any time of the year - especially during bright, cloudless days on the shining Whitsundays water! Remember to apply SPF sunscreen, put on a hat and sunglasses, and pack protective clothing. Avoiding sunburn and heatstroke is essential to enjoy September in the Whitsundays!

Women wearing a hat and button-up in the Whitsundays



Keep hydrated

Taking advantage of the cool and comfortable weather during September in the Whitsundays is a must! Just make sure to bring along a full water bottle in your day pack, and stay well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is essential in the tropical humidity to replace your naturally increased sweating and keep energised!



Water bottle, Hill Inlet Whitsundays


Pack breathable, protective clothing

Temperatures in September in the Whitsundays are comfortable and dazzling, yet the Queensland humidity still remains! Wearing lightweight, breathable clothing during your walks, hikes, and island hopping ventures is sure to keep you cool and carefree. Nights on the water are a dream, as the cooler temperatures create snug sleeping conditions - a sweater is still needed for colder nights!


Family walking along Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays


Book your sailing getaways early

September has a strong-standing reputation for boasting the best weather and sailing conditions in the Whitsunday Islands! Although the month does fall in the shoulder season, the Whitsundays beloved overnight sailing and private charter vessels book out very fast! There is no better way to experience the island magic, make sure to book early!

Catamaran moored off Langford Island, Whitsundays


Bring a camera!  

Picture-perfect secluded islands with coral-lined shores, crystal-clear azure coves teeming with flourishing snorkelling spots, and calm bright horizons filled with luxurious sailing vessels… the Whitsundays is a holidaymakers dream during September! Remember to pack your cameras and chargers, to capture unforgettable memories!

Person taking a photo of a group at Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsundays

To book the perfect stay during September in the Whitsundays, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly local travel agents!

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