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Weather in the Whitsundays

Updated Tue 26 Apr 2022

Couple smiling on a sailing vessel in the Whitsundays

The world-renowned Whitsundays region, located in Northern Queensland, experiences a  subtropical climate that boasts an average year-round temperature of 27.5°C, providing ideal weather conditions for tropical getaways filled with sunshine and warm temperatures! Located between the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer, summer in the Whitsundays are humid and brings a wet season that typically lasts from January to March. Winter months in the Whitsundays are known for their warm, comfortable temperatures and less rain!

Drawing in eager crowds of both national and international travellers each year for days spent sailing around the serene waters of the Whitsundays Islands and exploring fringing reefs of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, there never is a bad time to come to the Whitsundays!

The ocean temperature in the Whitsundays averages 25°C year-round, varying throughout the seasons, yet always remaining warm enough for an abundance of snorkelling and swimming! These consistently warm temperatures allow for unique marine life to grow and thrive amongst the inner and outer reefs. Explore iconic destinations under the sunshine, then cool off with a drip in tranquil coves and bays!

Woman snorkelling in the Whitsundays

Monthly Temperatures and Rainfall in the Whitsundays

JANUARY 30.4 24.9 28.0 247.9
FEBRUARY 30.1 24.9 28.8 330.8
MARCH 28.8 24.0 27.0 258.4
APRIL 27.1 22.6 26.0 193.4
MAY 24.8 20.8 24.0 123.1
JUNE 22.4 18.4 22.0 89.2
JULY 21.9 17.6 21.0 61.6
AUGUST 22.9 18.1 23.0 42.4
SEPTEMBER 25.4 19.8 26.0 25.5
OCTOBER 27.6 21.8 26.0 43.9
NOVEMBER 29.1 23.3 27.0 108.2
DECEMBER 30.0 24.4 28.0 186.8

January Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during January falls during the beginning of the region's wet season, yet sailing and reef adventures run often, as showers generally occur in the afternoon and are short-lived. Make sure to where a stinger suit when you go for a snorkel!

Average maximum temp: 30.4°C
Average minimum temp: 24.9°C
Average monthly rainfall: 247.9mm
Average ocean temp: 28.0°C

February Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during February falls during the middle of the region's wet season, providing ample opportunities to book discounted Whitsundays tours. Make sure to escape the hot, humid heat with a refreshing mid-day cocktail by the poolside!

Average maximum temp: 30.1°C
Average minimum temp: 24.9°C
Average monthly rainfall: 330.8mm
Average ocean temp: 28.8°C

March Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during March marks the end of the region's wet season, and is a popular time amongst travellers to book a discounted Whitsunday getaway before the Australian Easter school holidays begin!

Average maximum temp: 28.8°C
Average minimum temp: 24.0°C
Average monthly rainfall: 258.40mm
Average ocean temp: 27.0°C

Person wearing a wetsuit doing a backflip off a sailing vessel, Whitsundays

April Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during April begins to cool down significantly, with an increase in days filled with sunshine! The ideal period for families, couples, and small groups to enjoy their Easter long weekend. Make sure to book early!

Average maximum temp: 27.1°C
Average minimum temp: 22.6°C
Average monthly rainfall: 193.4mm
Average ocean temp: 26.0°C

May Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during May boasts serene, bright weather conditions that are perfect for sailing around and exploring the Whitsunday Islands. Make sure to remember your sun safety, the Queensland sun is still strong!

Average maximum temp: 24.8°C
Average minimum temp: 20.8°C
Average monthly rainfall: 123.1mm
Average ocean temp: 24.0°C

June Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during June marks the beginning of the winter period, which brings clear days and cooler afternoons. The ocean temperature remains at a warm 22°C - creating dreamy snorkelling and swimming conditions!

Average maximum temp: 22.4°C
Average minimum temp: 18.4°C
Average monthly rainfall: 89.2mm
Average ocean temp: 22.0°C

Woman standing at the forefront of a sailing vessel, Whitsundays

July Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during July is a total dream! The coolest month in the Whitsundays creates comfortable, warm days and little rainfall. Be sure to look out for magnificent humpback whales migrating through the region as they birth their young!

Average maximum temp: 21.9°C
Average minimum temp: 17.6°C
Average monthly rainfall: 61.6mm
Average ocean temp: 21.0°C

August Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during August falls during the end of the region's winter season and is an ideal time for travellers to escape the busy month's of September and October, yet enjoy similar smooth, pristine sailing conditions!

Average maximum temp: 22.9°C
Average minimum temp: 18.1°C
Average monthly rainfall: 42.4mm
Average ocean temp: 23.0°C

September Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during September is known as the best time of the year to visit the region! The month is filled with consistently sunny weather, low humidity, and avoids stinger season. September additionally boasts the lowest rainfall averages!

Average maximum temp: 25.4°C
Average minimum temp: 19.8°C
Average monthly rainfall: 25.5mm
Average ocean temp: 26.0°C

Hill Inlet Lookout

October Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during October is very similar to September's idyllic conditions! Warm days with little amounts of rainfall create awe-inspiring days sailing through the Whitsundays. Be sure to book a day or overnight tour during your dream getaway!

Average maximum temp: 27.6°C
Average minimum temp: 21.8°C
Average monthly rainfall: 43.9mm
Average ocean temp: 26.0°C

November Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during November falls during the end of the Whitsundays peak season! As the weather begins to warm, make sure to put on a stinger suit when you refresh in tranquil coves and bays for a snorkel or dive!

Average maximum temp: 29.1°C
Average minimum temp: 23.3°C
Average monthly rainfall: 108.2mm
Average ocean temp: 27.0°C

December Weather in the Whitsundays

The weather in the Whitsundays during December are filled with hot days spent celebrating the holiday season, and the occasional shower the approaching wet season will bring. Get ready for an authentic Queensland Christmas under the Australian sun!

Average maximum temp: 30.0°C
Average minimum temp: 24.4°C
Average monthly rainfall: 186.8mm
Average ocean temp: 28.0°C

Woman with her hands in the air, Hill Inlet Lookout Whitsundays

The Australian sun is strong all year round in the Whitsundays, therefore our local team advises that you load up on SPF sunscreen and keep your skin well protected with covered, lightweight clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses! Even when it doesn't feel hot, it is still easy to burn! Make sure to check out our Essential Packing List before you travel to the stunning region of the Whitsundays!

If you're after more information about the tropical weather of the Whitsundays you can find it here. Up-to-date Whitsundays weather forecasts can be found at the Bureau of Meteorology.  

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