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What Is The Weather Like In The Whitsundays In November?

Updated Tue 31 Oct 2023

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Summer is approaching this November in the Whitsundays! Picture yourself soaking up balmy tropical weather without the crowds of the approaching holiday season, sipping on icy beverages under boundless bright skies, and sailing across dazzling azure waters around the Whitsunday Islands!

The weather during November in the Whitsundays is warm and humid, yet without the intensity that the summer months receive. Falling at the end of the golden spring peak season, and before the December school holiday season, November is the ideal time to bask in the coastal bliss of an early end-of-year getaway!

November in the Whitsundays: Temperature and Humidity 

The daily average temperature for November in the Whitsundays is 27°C, with an average high of 29.1°C and an average low of 23.3°C. The sun generally rises in the Whitsundays in November at 5:25 am, and sets at 6:30 pm, leaving you with plenty of sunlight per day.

The ocean temperature in the Whitsundays in November sits at a warm 27°C, perfect for all types of reef exploring - just make sure to wear a stinger suit!

The month of November collects an average of 108.2mm of rain, with showers generally taking place in the late afternoon or night.

Humidity in the Whitsundays during November does begin to rise as summer approaches, falling at approximately 73%.

For up-to-date radars and alerts for severe weather during your trip to the Whitsundays, check the Bureau of Meteorology’s radar. Find more information on the Whitsundays weather here.

People relaxing in Solway Lass's front nets, Whitsundays

November in the Whitsundays: Travel Tips


Stay sun safe

The Aussie sun is strong at any time of the year, especially as summer begins to approach! Keeping sun safe is essential during November in the Whitsundays, so your tropical escape isn’t interrupted by sunburn or sunstroke. Make sure to reapply SPF sunscreen every two hours, wear a hat and sunglasses, and put on protective clothing after your time in the water!

Person wearing a hat sitting underneath a beach umbrella on Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays



Drink plenty of water

Keeping hydrated during November in the Whitsundays is a must, to replace your naturally increased sweating in humid weather conditions. Be sure to pack a full water bottle in your day pack, drink often, and fill it up as often as possible as you island-hop around the Whitsundays! Lucky keeping hydrated is easy!



Person wearing a hat and backpack, with a water bottle placed beside them at Cedar Creek Falls, Whitsundays


Plan your walks and hikes for the morning

November temperatures can reach maximum averages of 29°C before lunchtime! To enjoy the lush native vegetation, and astounding panoramic lookouts at the many walks and hikes around the Whitsundays be sure to plan your adventures for the morning to avoid the balmy heat. Wearing lightweight, breathable clothing is also a must!


Couple wearing sunglasses and hats on the Hill Inlet Lookout Walk, Whitsundays


Opt for a refreshing dip

The Whitsundays is home to world-renowned clear turquoise lagoons, the perfect way to cool down when the heat gets strong! Make sure to stay protected by putting on a stinger suit, and then it is time to dip down below into the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef. For visitors on the mainland, be sure to check out the Airlie Beach Lagoon for a refreshing swim!

Group of people wearing stinger suits about to go for a snorkel, Whitsundays


Book an overnight sailing tour! 

November is unofficially the last month before the approaching wet season and boasts blissful sailing conditions for unforgettable Whitsundays tours! Falling in the shoulder season, November in the Whitsundays is the ideal time to book an overnight sailing tour or private charter vessel for that special occasion. Make sure to chat with our local travel experts for a free customised itinerary!

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To book the perfect stay during November in the Whitsundays, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly local travel agents.

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