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Whitsunday Walks

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Lily Kerley
Updated Mon 23 Jan 2023

Discover world-famous lookouts, as well as some of the region's lesser-known gems, found along the tracks of our many island bush walks! Situated amongst the Whitsundays, with spectacular reefs, marvellous marine creatures and pristine white shores, you can explore tropical paradise with your own two feet! Dotted around the Whitsundays, these treks will illuminate some of the most mesmerising views in the southern hemisphere, while you rub shoulders with lush, native flora and fauna. Ranging from light to difficult, Whitsunday Island walks have something for everyone!

To make planning your island explorations easy, our team of local travel experts have put together a comprehensive and updated guide of the best Whitsunday walks for you. So put on some comfy shoes, grab your water bottle and let the adventure begin!

Whitsunday Islands Walking Track Map, Hook Island, Langford Island, Haselwood Island, South Molle Island 2021

  1. Hill Inlet Lookout Track
  2. Solway Circuit Track
  3. Chance Bay Track
  4. Whitsunday Cairn Track
  5. Whitsunday Peak Track
  6. Haselwood Island Lookout
  7. Langford Island Lookout
  8. Ngaro Cultural Site
  9. Spion Kop

Whitsunday Island

Hill Inlet Lookout Track

Location: North Whitehaven Beach

Perfect for: Beginners and families

Length: 1.4 km return (20 – 30 mins)

A walk to Hill Inlet Lookout is an unmissable, bucket-list item to cross off during your visit to Whitsunday Island! Accessible from either Tongue Bay or Whitehaven Bay, this light, 10-minute track will take you through dense, tropical rainforest, perfect for spotting a variety of rare, migratory birds, grand goannas and sprouting native plants. Informational signs along the way will teach you about the native plants and animals unique to Hill Inlet, as well as some Indigenous history of the Ngaro people.

At the top, you will reach three, spacious viewing platforms that provide the perfect vantage point for breathtaking views of Whitehaven’s swirling sands below. Take in panoramic sights of ever-shifting sands and currents that paint a natural masterpiece. Stingrays and lemon reef sharks hang out in the crystal waters below, so keep your eyes peeled for some local marine life! The turquoise, deep green and azure ocean hues blend with the bright white silica sands of Whitehaven Beach to create a view that is never twice the same! You won’t want to forget your camera as you venture to this famous slice of paradise.

Head back down to Tongue Bay, or swing a right on your way back to enjoy some time of Whitehaven’s dreamy shores via the beach track. Facilities include bathrooms along the way, as well as bag hooks if you want to ditch any bulky beach towels before your journey.

The exquisite swirling sands visible from the top of the Hill Inlet Lookout walk on Whitsunday Island

The exquisite swirling sands visible from Hill Inlet Lookout

Solway Circuit Track

Location: South Whitehaven Beach

Perfect for: Intermediate adventurers (moderate fitness)

Length: 1.2 km return (20 – 30 mins)

Located at the South end of Whitehaven Beach, Solway Circuit will take you on a spectacular uphill journey from the beach, through beautiful, tropical greenery as you venture inland. Discover the wonders that await you in the heart of Whitsunday Island, all the while stretching your legs and getting a light workout! This track is recommended for those with moderate fitness, as the path is often steep, and sometimes rocky. A naturally formed boulder platform, waiting for you at the end of your trek, provides exquisite views of pristine reefs, Solway Passage, Pentecost Island and Haslewood Island. Trust us, this journey is well worth the walk!

Solway Circuit will lead you back to the beach where you started, so jump into the cool, crystal waters for a refreshing dip! Or, if you’re still hungry for a little more adventure, continue to the connected Chance Bay walking track to keep the island exploration going!

Panoramic views of Solway Passage from the Solway Circuit Lookout, Pentecost Island and Haselwood

Panoramic views of Solway Passage from the Solway Circuit Lookout

Chance Bay Track

Location: South Whitehaven Beach

Perfect for: Intermediate adventurers with time to explore

Length: 3.6 km return (2 – 2.5 hrs)

Just off of Solway Circuit, Chance Bay walking track takes you through a tropical rainforest wonderland as you hike from the east side to the south side of Whitsunday Island. Your adventure will be shaded by a thick canopy of luscious trees and palms, making it an ideal track for escaping the midday sun. Perfect for those looking to take the long road and reconnect with nature, Chance Bay will take you about two hours to complete (return), or a little longer if you’re an avid wildlife photographer! Get off the beaten track as you journey through to Chance Bay, making sure you keep your eyes peeled for any hidden wonders amongst the tropical rainforest!

Facilities are located at Chance Bay, including bathrooms, camping grounds and picnic benches.

Lush, tropical canopies shading Chance Bay Track, daytime walk

Lush, tropical canopies shading Chance Bay Track

Whitsunday Cairn Track

Location: Cairn Beach, North Whitsunday Island

Perfect for: Experienced hikers  

Length: 4 km return (2.5 – 3.5 hrs)

The panoramic outlook waiting for you at the end of the Whitsunday Cairn track is unbeatable, so if you’re an experienced and fit hiker up for the challenge, this one is for you! The uphill trail will take you up Whitsunday Cairn, an ancient volcanic mass abound with dry, open rainforests and native flora and fauna. Giant grass trees and hoop pines love these areas, so you’ll definitely become familiar with the local wilderness. The naturally-formed rocky outcrop that is situated over the coastline provides spectacular views of the Great Barrier Marine Park, all the way across to Hook Island!  You’ll certainly get your dose of tropical bliss as you reach this lookout. Head back down the same way that you came, leaving only footprints and taking only photos in this untouched corner of Whitsunday Island.

Facilities are located at Cairn camping area, including bathrooms, camping grounds and picnic benches. Don’t forget to bring plenty of drinking water, dress sun-safely and wear supportive shoes. This track is dangerous when wet, so don’t embark on your walk if it’s slippery or raining.

Whitsunday Cairn Natural Lookout over the Great Barrier Reef and Hook Island from Whitsunday Island

Stunning, panoramic views from the natural Whitsunday Cairn Lookout

Whitsunday Peak Track

Location: Sawmill Beach, West Whitsunday Island

Perfect for: Experienced hikers

Length: 5 km return (3 - 4 hrs)

The ultimate adventure awaits keen, fit and experienced hikers, on this wild journey up the 437m high Whitsunday peak! Access this walk at Sawmill Beach from Cid Harbour. Immerse yourself in the tropical valleys and panoramic island views as you venture into mother nature’s belly. Watch out for sea-eagles soaring above, while you enjoy the well-deserved views from Sawmill Beach’s breathtaking natural lookout. Bright turquoise waters, stunning white sands and lush tropical greenery will fill your sights from one of the best lookout spots in the Whitsundays, so tie your laces and let’s get hiking!

Amenities situated at Dugong Beach at the end of the track include a camping ground, toilets and picnic tables. Pack plenty of drinking water, food and sun protection on this long, uphill journey.

The stunning views from Whitsunday Peak Track's natural Lookout from Sawmill Beach

Magnificent, summit views of the Whitsunday Islands from Whitsunday Peak

Haslewood Island

Haslewood Island Lookout 

Location: Chalkies Beach

Perfect for: Beginners to intermediate adventurers (moderate fitness required)

Length: 0.6 km return (10 – 20 mins)

Short and sweet, this uphill track is the perfect option for explorers planning to venture to the secluded and quiet Haslewood Island. Tall eucalypt trees will rustle above you as you make your way up the cobbled path and breathe in the clean, forest air. Keep an eye out for the unique nests of green tree ants up in the trees, common within the dense and healthy bush. Soak up the pristine seascapes from Haslewood Island Lookout, where you can spy an abundance of charming, tropical islands from the headland. Return to Chalkies Beach the way you came, and indulge in a swim after this quick and rewarding trek!

The beautiful views from Haselwood Lookout Track in the tropical rainforest from Chalkies Beach

Dreamy island outlooks nestled amongst the Haslewood Island Lookout Track

Langford Island

Langford Island Lookout

Location: North Langford Island

Perfect for: Beginners to intermediate adventurers, including families

Length: 0.6 km return (10 – 20 mins)

If you’re heading out to the exclusive, tucked away Langford Island, you can’t go past a light walk to Langford Lookout, with its incredible scenery and reef views. Follow the healthy mangrove shoreline on this succinct yet stunning journey, as you make your way to the newly completed lookout for extensive views. Spot an array of lush local islands across Langford Spit, as you look out to Bali Hai and Hook Island. Grab a snap at the top with the renowned Bottletree, known for its distinct swollen trunk. This is a fantastic walk for the whole family, so bring along the little ones on a delightful afternoon nature experience!

Langford Island Lookout with panoramic views of Langford Spit, Bali Hai and Hook Island

Turquoise waters of Langford Spit shimmer before your eyes at Langford Island Lookout

Hook Island

Ngaro Cultural Site

Location: Nara Inlet, Southern Hook Island

Perfect for: Beginners to intermediate adventurers, including families

Length: 0.34 km return (10 – 20 mins walk)

The Whitsundays holds rich Indigenous history of the Ngaro people, with extensive evidence of their existence dating back to over 9000 years ago. Adventure through the banks of Nara Inlet, against deep blue seascapes, to reach the Ngaro cultural site full of ancient artefacts and history. The Whitsundays always was, and always will be the land of the Ngaro people, and this adventure into the ancient caves provides a truly eye-opening and meaningful experience. Ancient artwork and cultural practices await, and we recommend spending ample time at the site to absorb as much nature and history as you can!

Person looking at ancient Ngaro cave painting at Ngaro Cultural Site from boardwalk track, Hook Island

Ancient Indigenous cave paintings found at Ngaro Cultural Site

South Molle Island

Spion Kop

Location: Sandy Bay, Southe Molle Island

Perfect for: Intermediate adventurers with time to explore

Length: 8.4 km return from Sandy Bay (4 – 4.5 hrs) or 4.6 km return from Bauer Bay (2 – 3 hrs)

South Molle Island is a pristine gem, tucked between Airlie Beach and Whitsunday Island, home to an abundance of flexible, nature-filled walking tracks coined Spion Kop. If you are lucky enough to visit this wonderous natural haven, choose between two trails (or both!) that will take you through lush tropical forests or panoramic rocky headlands. Access through Sandy Bay will take you on a longer trail through the heart of South Molle, perfect for those with moderate fitness levels that want to witness biodiverse and flourishing ecosystems. Access through Bauer Bay will take you on a shorter walk, along the headland, where you will be blown away by the incredible, sparkling views from Mount Jeffreys.

Spion Kop also passes through the historical Ngaro stone quarry, which is a stunning display of Indigenous heritage. Smiles all around are assured after a visit to the untouched South Molle on your Whitsunday adventure!

Lush rainforest track through Spion Kop Track, South Molle Island

A lush, rainforest walk through the heart of South Molle on the Spion Kop Track

These unforgettable natural adventures are found in the Whitsundays National Park, a pristine and flourishing haven for countless native species. Please respect your environment when adventuring through our National Park, and do your part to maintain the incredible Whitsundays. Take only photographs, leave nothing but footsteps, and stay on the designated track to preserve our precious flora and fauna.

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