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Overnight Hiking Tours in the Whitsundays

Updated Fri 25 Feb 2022

Two people hiking in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is a mesmerising archipelago of 74 tropical islands situated along Queensland's northeast coastline, that are world-renowned for their surrounding crystal-clear aqua waters and pristine silica sand beaches. As thousands of eager holidaymakers travel to the coastline each year, we recommend that adventure-seeking visitors explore the off the beaten track hidden gems of the Whitsundays! 

Nestled around the Whitsunday Island National Park is an abundance of hikes and walks that reveal untouched and diverse natural havens, leading to some of the most vivid views in the southern hemisphere. With trails ranging from light to difficult, there is a Whitsunday walk or hike for every type of avid explorer - all you need to do is pack your hiking shoes!

Sailing Whitsundays offers two overnight hiking tours that depart from the Coral Sea Marina at Airlie Beach. Combining days spent exploring lesser-known and popular Whitsunday national park trails with exclusive catamaran luxury by night, an overnight hiking tour is a perfect way to explore the unknown without sacrificing style! 

Bask in all of your wanderlust dreams under the island sun aboard one of our unique and teeming overnight hiking tours of the Whitsundays!

Powerplay Trails of the Whitsundays

4 days, 4 nights

Powerplay catamaran moored off the Whitsunday Islands

Powerplay’s Trails of the Whitsundays is a one-of-a-kind overnight hiking tour departing from Airlie Beach, combining an unmissable balance of Whitsunday Island trail adventures, marvellous snorkelling amongst the biodiverse inner fringing Great Barrier Reef, and evening starlit luxuries over four unforgettable nights!

At a spacious and sleek 45ft long, Powerplay’s Trails of the Whitsundays can take up to 16 guests around the Whitsunday Islands, in addition to an experienced and friendly onboard crew that are full of local knowledge. 

Powerplay Trails of the Whitsundays Itinerary

Two people at the Whitsunday Cairn Lookout, Whitsunday Islands

Awake peacefully with the rising Whitsundays sun aboard Powerplay before spending the morning hiking through dense cascading national park, which boasts immaculate rich emerald green vegetation! Climb to the breathtaking Whitsunday Peak summit with your crew, walk to the ancient volcanic towering Whitsunday Cairn, and explore Whitsunday gems such as Hill Inlet

Spend your afternoon cooling off with refreshing snorkelling and stand-up paddleboarding amongst thriving fringing reefs and relaxing in the foredeck deluxe jacuzzi with friends old and new. As the sky begins to illuminate with shades of bright orange and soft pink, be sure to enjoy a golden hour sunset beverage before a delicious dinner under the stars!

The four day, four-night Powerplay Trails of the Whitsundays tour only runs once a month. Make sure to get in touch with our local team of experts to secure your off the beaten track Whitsundays adventure!

Whitsunday Walks Getaway 

4 days, 4 nights

Getaway catamaran sailing through the Whitsunday Islands

Getaway’s Whitsunday Walks overnight tour of the Whitsunday Islands has been curated exclusively for those holidaymakers dreaming of a deluxe sailing escape aboard a luxury catamaran, and plenty of lush walking opportunities during the day!

A unique small-group sailing experience, Getaway’s sleek and elegant decks take a maximum of 8 guests aboard, ensuring an intimate atmosphere that is perfectly suited for couples and solo travellers. With 4 days and 4 nights to spend under the shining pastel skies of the post-card perfect island archipelago, guests onboard Whitsunday Walks Getaway can spend optimal time exploring the crown jewels and hidden gems of the Whitsundays to themselves!

Whitsunday Walks Getaway Itinerary

Two people at the summit of the Langford Island Track, Whitsundays

Fill your days with wondrous Whitsundays adventure, by voyaging to the breathtaking panoramic sites of Hill Inlet Lookout, enjoying sunkissed moments on both North and South Whitehaven’s sparkling shorelines, and sailing blissfully to gentle trade winds amongst the rolling islands. For those craving a hearty walk to unforgettable scenic lookouts, a list of lush and secluded tropical hikes are at Getaway’s doorstep! Choose to wake early to the solitude of the vast reef, and journey to the great Whitsunday Cairn or tick off the Spion Kop hike. For all those wishing to bask in Getaway’s opulency whilst others hike, all walks are completely optional!

Renowned for its decadent starlit dining, and wonderful onboard service, Getaway is the ideal catamaran for those who love to be wined and dined! Pop the bubbly at sunset, as your experienced skipper sails peacefully to a quiet island cove to moor for the night, before indulging in an enchanting alfresco dinner!

Be sure to enquire with our expert local team to check the Whitsunday Walks Getaway availability!

Trails and Walks in the Whitsundays

The ever-dreamy Whitsunday Islands formed some 19,000 to 6,000 years ago when melting polar ice caps submerged a coastal mainland mountain range. The Ngaro Sea Trail dots out an impressive map of diverse and thrilling hikes that are offered on both the Powerplay Trails of the Whitsundays and Whitsunday Walks Getaway. Time to lace up your hiking shoes and explore the unknown!

Person pointing to the nearby Whitsunday Islands on the Whitsunday Peak Track Hike

Whitsunday Peak Track

Challenge yourself with a journey to the ‘roof of the Whitsundays’ as you hike up the 437-metre high summit of the Whitsunday Peak Track! Beginning at the stunning Sawmill Beach on the western side of Whitsunday Island, the track is a difficult 5 km return journey that takes approximately 4 hours. Boasting breathtaking views over surrounding island vistas, you're going to want to pack your camera!

Group of people at the Whitsunday Cairn Summit, Whitsundays

Whitsunday Cairn Track

As you sail serenely past the expansive Whitsunday Island the immense Whitsunday Cairn can be seen even from a distance! Rise with the sun to complete one of the less commonly hiked trails in the Whitsundays. Not for the faint-hearted, the 4 km return hike is a difficult uphill journey through dense dry rainforest and hoop pines, before reaching the towering volcanic mass of the Whitsunday Cairn and spectacular 360-degree views of the Whitsunday Islands!

Person with their hands in the air at the Langford Lookout peak, Whitsundays

Langford Lookout Track

Sink your toes into the smooth Whitsunday sand as you walk across the slowly disappearing sandbank attached to Langford Island at low tide. The 600-metre return Langford Lookout Track is the perfect light island adventure for every type of traveller, teeming with mangrove shorelines, unique Whitsunday Bottletrees, and boasting pristine views of the nearby Hook Island and Bali Hai!

Two people hiking in the Whitsundays

Spion Kop

Located on the picturesque South Molle Island is an abundance of flexible walking tracks known as the Spion Kop, that all lead to panoramic rocky headlands overlooking the Whitsunday Islands! Access from Sandy Bay will take you on an 8.4 km return hike, or access from Bauer Bay will take you on a 4.6 km return journey. The two trails are ideal for moderate fitness levels, and adventure-seeking souls!

Couple at Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsundays

Hill Inlet Lookout Walk

A 1.4 km return, the Hill Inlet Lookout Walk is a must-do bucket list item for all visitors to the Whitsundays region! The light, uphill track will lead through rich tropical rainforest to three spacious viewing platforms that overlook the vast swirling sands of Hill Inlet below. A natural masterpiece, the ever-shifting sapphire and turquoise shaded lagoons ensure that no photograph is ever the same!

All walks and hikes are completely optional, and participation is at the walker’s discretion - if you’re craving some blissful downtime whilst the others adventure, don’t worry the catamaran lifestyle has got you!

Live chat with an expert local team member or call us on +61 7 4914 2425 to book your Whitsunday Islands sailing adventure!

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