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Winter in the Whitsundays

Winter in the Whitsundays is somewhat of an oxymoron since the weather here tends to stay warm and sunny all year round and our ‘winter’ isn’t a typical winter in any way. Australia's winter falls in June and ends in August with average daily temperatures in winter hovering around 22°C, with water temperatures remaining at about 25°C all year. The beautiful warm weather means you can wear your sundresses and board shorts even on the coolest winter days and spend time relaxing, swimming and enjoying the beautiful winter sun. We certainly don't get snow and sandals are always the perfect footwear! 

While the Whitsundays are admittedly beautiful all year and are always great for visiting, there are perks to visiting this tropical paradise in the winter months.

  1. Whale season: Every year humpback whales, pilot whales and minke whales migrate to the sheltered waters of the Whitsundays to have their calves, breed and escape the cold waters of the Antarctic. The protection of the islands and reefs create a safe place with calm waters for them to spend their winters, and allow for a perfect stadium for people to whale watch and witness their beautiful aerial shows. They are a favourite with the locals and a much welcomed visitor to the reef. They usually show up in June and stay until September.

  2. Climate: The winter weather is the perfect temperature for those who always wanted to visit the Whitsundays or Australia but aren’t big fans of the humid summer heat. While we still get warm weather with days full of sunshine, temperatures are much cooler than the summer months, with balmy nights and comfortable days.  

  3. Dry season: Summer in the Whitsundays brings us into the wet season, while winter is when we come into the dry season. While it does still rain sometimes, most of the time the skies remain clear and the ground stays dry, making your holiday weather more predictable. 

Winter in the Whitsundays is the perfect escape to the tropics and the best way to spend your winter holidays. Ask us how we can help you book your Whitsundays adventure.

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