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Eureka - the Whitsundays modern sailing vessel

One of the Whitsundays’ most popular vessels is back, looking better than ever and offering all passengers the ride of their life with her new claim to fame.

Eureka 2 has been busy lately as a successful participant in the 2014 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race, and since her return home to the Whitsundays, has been hailed a local hero. The modern sailing vessel really is in her own league within the local fleet of charter boats and with her great reputation, continues to be an ever-increasing choice for all travellers-alike wanting a ‘genuine experience’ in the sailing mecca.

The Boat

It takes a very unique vessel to compete in this prestige race which is why Eureka 2 is a gem within the Whitsundays’ fleet. The vessel is very special - built to go fast and withstand the intense seas of the Pacific Ocean as it competes in maximum racing conditions against some of the world’s strongest and quickest boats. Eureka 2’s modern-look and refreshing interior is a big seller when it comes to choosing a boat trip in the Whitsundays, with many travellers looking for a spacious, comfortable yacht with a few luxuries below the deck.

As a grand prix racing vessel, Eureka 2 is fitted with leather upholstery, quality accommodation and all-modern features above and below the deck.


  • Leather upholstery
  • Beautiful, stylish interior below
  • Modern racing technology
  • Spacious and comfortable inside
  • State-of-the-art equipment

The Trip

There is nothing typical about Eureka 2 and her 3 day, 2 night trip around the Whitsunday islands. Taking out just 14 guests per trip, Eureka 2 escapes the crowds and offers a more personalised experience within a smaller group.

Guests enjoy the luxuries of delicious, freshly prepared meals, snorkelling the Whitsundays’ hot spots and enjoying a social atmosphere. Passengers also have the opportunity to participate in a rendezvous scuba dive among some of the region’s amazing underwater locations, but these aren’t only what make this trip sell-out so far in advance.

As a state-of-the-art racing yacht, the ‘sailing’ element of the trip will have you weak at the knees, put a smile on your face and an influence you to want more! As one of the quickest sailing boats in the region, Eureka 2 arrives at each destination quickly, with more time to spend at the location than usual.

Eureka 2 negotiates each turn with ease, the professional crew working the sails to make the boat move at speed and force, and,  with her large keel, the vessel can heel over to extreme angles when she hits ideal conditions; the guests dangling their legs over the side and enjoying the ride. While on motion, passengers can take part in learning the ropes, pulling the sails or just sitting back with the wind in their hair!

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