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Wildlife affected by Cyclone Debbie

The Whitsundays has been on a quick mend in the wake of Cyclone Debbie, dealing with the cleanup and damages associated with the storm. Among those affected are the abundant wildlife, who too had to whether the storm and are also dealing with the aftermath. With many habitats destroyed and thorough cleanup process ahead, wildlife carers ask that locals take extra care when tidying, taking down trees or doing general cleanup. Many of the native tree, flower and shrub species were damaged in the storm, which serve as homes and food sources for many native animals, leaving them hungry or without proper shelter.

When participating in the cleanup, keep in mind what further damages you might be doing by cutting out trees and plants that might serve our native animal species, more specifically trees that have hollows in them that serve as shelter for small animals and birds. If you choose to feed the birds in your neighbourhood,  it’s suggested that you pick up feed at your local grocery or pet food stores, which will carry the right foods. Feeding birds sugar water, bread or other household foods may actually hurt them, so ensure you are picking up the right stuff.

Always report injured or abandoned animals to wildlife carers or visit Fauna Rescue at

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