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Best time to sail in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is a blessed part of Australia with almost always perfect weather all year-round, with the different seasons offering something for everyone.

Of course the region is susceptible to the wet season which generally running from December through to March, however the weather won’t always be unpleasant and this is still a busy time for sailing trips.

For the most ideal sailing conditions in the Whitsundays however, the best season is arguably winter which runs from June to August.

This time of year is perfect for sailing with cooler, crisp days with a warm sun, a gentle breeze blowing with clear skies – the ideal sailing weather.

This isn’t just a busy time for the crewed overnight sailing charters. The Whitsundays come to life in July and August with a number of huge events held in the region, including 2 sailing regattas called Airlie Beach Race Week and Hamilton Island Race Week. Because of the ideal sailing weather, thousands of sailors from around Australia head to Airlie Beach to take part in these regattas which both go for 7 days each.

And it’s not just the sailors who are attracted to the Whitsundays at this time of year. Humpback whales from around the world head along the east coast and pass through the calm waters of the Coral Sea as part of their annual migration. Whale sightings are very common at this time of year with many whales giving birth in the comfort of the calm waters.

So, if you are debating when is the best time to visit the Whitsundays, why not during the peak sailing season in winter, with perfect conditions on the water, and the likely chance to see a breaching whale!

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