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8 Reasons to Choose a Whitsundays Maxi Yacht

1. They are fast
The fastest sailing boats in the Whitsundays, maxi yachts are able to reach incredible speeds in the right conditions with much larger sails and power behind them than other boats. Built for speed, the maxi yachts are performance racers designed for open water.

2. They are famous
Many of the maxi yachts in the Whitsundays are ex-performers of huge races around the world with the famous Sydney to Hobart, Fastnet, Bermuda Race and the World Maxi Championships among them.

3. They are huge in size
Costing millions of dollars to construct, the maxi yachts are around 22 metres and over in length and have an incredible depth allowing for a large number of passengers who can sleep comfortably onboard. They also have large decks and saloon areas for relaxing and socialising.

4. They have an interesting history
Legends in their own right, the Whitsunday maxi yachts are known around the world for their famous racing histories. Siska for example, sailed the final leg of a Fastnet Race with a broken boom, and went on to win Parmelia Race and defeat other world champion boats along the way.

5. You can join in the sailing
Taking a large crew to sail and control them, passengers are encouraged to help man the  sails and grind the winches while onboard. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have hands-on experience sailing a genuine maxi boat.

6. Great value for your money
The maxis are a great choice of vessel for those on a budget and offer value for money with everything (excluding alcohol and scuba diving) included in the price. This includes all meals which are freshly prepared, linen, snorkelling great and wetsuit hire!

7. Meet like-minded people onboard
With the maxi yachts capable of carrying more passengers than an average boat, they provide the perfect platform to meet new people and make friends with like-minded travellers. Mais are not generally a party boat and tend to attract a wider age group of people onboard.

8. Private and shared accommodation options
All maxis offer shared accommodation onboard with Condor and Hammer including private cabins which is a great option for couples and those travellers who are seeking a little bit of privacy for the duration of the trip. There is a price difference between these accommodation options.

Choose a Maxi Yacht

  • Siska - 2 day/1 night trip with rendezvous scuba diving available
  • Hammer - Siska's sister ship,  2 day/1 night trip with rendezvous scuba diving available
  • Anaconda 3 - 3 day/ 3 night sailing trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef with onboard diving
  • Atlantic Clipper - 2 day/ 2 night social, sailing trip with 50 guests and onboard diving
  • Condor - 2 day/ 2 night sailing trip with rendezvous diving available
  • Boomerang - 2 day/ 2 night sailing trip with rendezvous diving available
  • Broomstick - 2 day/ 2 night sailing trip with rendezvous diving available
  • British Defender - 2 day/ 2 night sailing trip with rendezvous diving available
  • Apollo - 3 day/ 2 night trip with onboard diving and one free dive included
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