How Much Does it Cost to Sail the Whitsundays?

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How much does it cost to Sail the Whitsundays?

We’re asked this all the time – but the truth is, there’s no one definitive answer, sailing the Whitsundays is possible and exciting on any and every budget!

It all depends on what kind of holiday you’re after. For savvy travellers, you’ll be delighted to know you can spend as little as $100 a day sailing the Whitsundays. For those with a bigger budget to spend, you can spend to your heart’s content! 

When you book a holiday with us, our travel experts will follow up with questions like:

  • Do you want a shared cabin or private cabin with an ensuite?
  • Do you want a new boat or are you happy with an old sailing schooner?

  • Do you want to go for the day or sleep on a boat in a tranquil lagoon?

Questions like these can help us determine the right kind of holiday for you. You might be surprised how much you can save if you’re flexible with your itinerary and surroundings!

sailing, on ice, whitsundays

 From day sail rates to overnight experiences, there’s a trip for every budget!

Whitsunday Trips For Every Budget!

You can... 

Take a day trip on a sailboat on family rates, bringing the cost down to $100 per person.

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Enjoy an overnight sailing experience including meals from $149 per day.

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Share a berth on an incredible forty-foot sailing vessel like Blizzard or Prima for only $199 a day. 

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Soak up the luxury of a private cabin on a sailing catamaran like Whitsunday Adventurer from $220 per day.

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Share a berth on exciting social sailing vessels like Atlantic Clipper or New Horizon.  Cruise the Whitsundays on a three day trip for only $150 per day! 

atlantic clipper, whitsundays,

Live it up and snag a sailing boat all to yourself! You can privately hire Powerplay, Whitsunday Getaway or Whitsunday Blue for around $2000 per day!  

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With so many options for sailing the Whitsundays, there’s something for every kind of traveller! Learn the ropes of sailing aboard a sailing boat like Eureka II for $200 a day. 


Bareboating is an exciting way to see the azure waters of the Whitsundays, but what is it? It simply means you rent your own boat and sail away without the help of a professional hired skipper or crew. Bareboats are perfect for a unique and out-of-this-world adventure, giving you the ultimate freedom to live out your daydreams in any shape or form. 

Take your friends and family for a trip on a bareboat, and explore the (designated) waters of the Whitsunday Islands to your heart’s content. Whether you bob around the same bay for a week or traverse the entire region, soaking up a different type of beauty every day, bareboats are an incredible way to explore our slice of paradise!

So how much does bareboating cost?

Like the boats we mentioned above, it completely depends on the bareboat and your adventure! Some of the variables for cost factors include the size of the boat, whether it’s a luxury vessel, how long you want to go for, the time of year you’re going, whether you’re hiring a crew and if you need provisioning organised. 

With so many factors to think about, the best thing to do is contact our team of travel experts.

How long should we go for?

Another important thing that comes into play when considering costs is how many nights you’re planning on going for. Boat hire fees are generally determined on a nightly basis, meaning the longer you go, the more likely you will be to snag a discount. 

While Sailing Whitsundays has boats that cater to those short on time and those with time luxury, we highly recommend cruising for as long as you possibly can. Some of our most common trips are two or three-night trips, which gives holidays the perfect amount of time to relax, unwind and get a sense of island life.

The more time you have, the more you can explore. Another important thing to consider when booking a shorter trip is the weather. Although the Whitsundays is known for its gorgeous weather, anything is possible. The more time you have on your boat, the more likely you are to have a number of perfect days to play around with! 

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What kind of boat should we hire?

Our fleet at Sailing Whitsundays caters to budgets of all kinds. 

From catamarans with large and open living spaces to sailing yachts with larger sleeping capacities, we offer a huge range of different kinds of boats. Head here to learn more about the different boats we offer! 

Should we hire a professional skipper?

While this is completely up to you if you hire a bareboat, our sailing packages and tours automatically come with a professional skipper and crew. Having a skipper and crew on board means you and your family get to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as you’re whisked around the Whitsundays. 

One of our favourite parts of sailing with a skipper? You’ll be privy to an incredible range of secret and local spots that those on self-run bareboats don’t get to see! From crystal clear waters to incredible coral life and empty beaches, there are so many secrets to discover in the Whitsundays!

Our prices are always changing depending on the factors such as seasons, COVID cancellations and changes to itineraries. Overall, your best bet is to contact one of our amazing travel experts!

Check out our extremely discounted COVID cancellation deals... you won't find a better price for these luxury vessels in all of the Whitsundays! 

Contact our team with any questions or for a free itinerary consultation today! 

Call us on +61 7 4914 2425 or live chat with a team member for a speedy response.

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