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Boat options for solo travellers, Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is a great choice of holiday destination not only for groups of backpackers wanting to party, or honeymooners want to relax, but also for solo travellers wanting a unique experience among like-minded people.

The town itself is the perfect mix of relaxation and socialising, offering a great place to mix, mingle and meet fellow solo travellers, and there are plenty of overnight boat trips to choose between if you are a soloist.

We have put together our list of favourite boats for the single tourist:

Relaxed Sailing

  • Whitsunday Adventurer - sailing catamaran with just 12 guests. Includes SUP boards, clear kayak, hot tub.
  • Solway Lass - 3 day/ 3 nights on a traditional sailing vessel. Includes tarzan rope and scuba diving.
  • Prima - Relaxed sailing tour and budget-friendly. Mixed group of guests with just 12 guests onboard.

Larger Group

  • Boomerang - Action-packed sailing on a maxi yacht. Scuba diving and fun crowd of 28 guests.
  • Ride to Paradise - 18-35 group. Venture around in a fast catamaran and stay in resort accommodation.
  • Anaconda 3 - 3 day/ 3 night trip to outer reef. Plenty of snorkelling and scuba diving. Mixed group onboard.
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