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Whitsundays Maxi Yachts

Described as Formula 1 performers when it comes to sailing, the Whitsundays’ maxi yachts are the most popular choice of overnight boat trips for all types of travellers wanting an experience of a lifetime.

With their comparison to Formula 1 race cars, these ‘larger than life’ maxi yachts boast speed, resilience and might with their size and sailing capabilities, and are an amazing sight to see when they catch a good wind.

Easily carrying up to 30 passengers at a time, the maxis require a number of crew members to man the sails (guests are also encouraged to help!), while below the deck there is a spacious saloon, kitchen and cabins.

An overnight sailing trip on a maxi ordinarily consists of a number of snorkelling locations, 2 nights moored in a sheltered bay, a visit to Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet and an exciting sailing experience.

Built for the racing circuit, all of these maxi yachts, now based in the Whitsundays, have an exciting history behind them, including former Sydney to Hobart and Queen Victoria Cup competitors, to name a few.

The Whitsundays Maxi Fleet:

  • British Defender - 2 Day/ 2 Night departs Wednedays, Fridays, Sundays
  • Condor - 2 Day/ 2 Night trip, departs Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays
  • Boomerang - 2 Day/2 Night trip, departs Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays
  • Broomstick - 2 Day/ 2 Night trip, departs Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • Hammer - 2 Day/ 1 Night trip, please enquire for departures
  • Eureka 2 - 2.5 Day/ 2 Night, departs Mondays, Wednesdays
  • Siska - 2 Day/ 1 Night trip, please enquire for departures
  • Apollo - 3 Day/ 2 Night trip, departs Mondays, Fridays

Maxi Facts:

  • Maxis are designed and built as a racing machine
  • Can cost up to millions of dollars to build
  • Maxi yachts are 22 metres and over in length
  • Feature incredible depth allowing for ample cabin space
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