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Top 10 Essentials to bring to Whitehaven Beach

Updated: 02/11/21

Aerial view of Whitehaven Beach from Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsundays.

Planning a getaway to the world-renowned shores of Whitehaven Beach, yet stuck on the essentials to bring along in your day pack? The breathtaking scenic views and waters of Whitehaven’s protected coves and bays, call for items such as a swimsuit and sunscreen!

To help you prepare for your adventure to Whitehaven, we have created an essential packing list for your tropical escape!


Camera / Waterproof Camera 

Whether it is the panoramic views of surrounding islands from Hill Inlet Lookout or the 98% pure silica sands that lead into serene blue waters, you will be guaranteed to reach for your camera during a trip to Whitehaven Beach!

Be sure to remember that waterproof camera or GoPro you have laying around at home also, to capture blissful moments wading in the shallows with your friends or family!

Photo of seven young travellers smiling at Hill Inlet Lookout


Walking Shoes

Whilst most tours don’t allow for the use of footwear on board, you are sure to need a pair of walking shoes or thongs for the short, uphill bushwalk to the Hill Inlet Lookout overlooking Whitehaven Beach.

Pack with comfort in mind, as you take your shoes on and off to explore the various coves of Whitehaven and cool off in the shallow lagoons!

Hill Inlet Lookout boardwalk with walkers gathered in front of Hill Inlet's swirling sands



Swimsuits! It’s one thing to lay your eyes on the bright fusion of turquoise and jade waters of Whitehaven, and another to experience swimming in them. A rash guard is also a good idea for those who are prone to burning!

Store a wet bag in your day pack, to keep all your belongings organised throughout the day.

Four people splashing in the turquoise waters of Whitehaven Beach


Lightweight clothing 

Lightweight, breathable clothing to throw on over your swimwear is essential to protect your skin from the harsh Australian sun and tropical warmth. Kaftans, linen pants, and long sleeves will be your best friend during your trip to Whitehaven!

Although the Whitsundays remains relatively warm for most of the year, be sure to pack an extra layer for your return journey if you are travelling during the cooler winter season. 


Man and woman couple walking in light clothing down Whitehaven Beach by the shore


Sunscreen, hat and glasses

Whilst on the topic of the Australian sun, don’t forget to bring items such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses in your day packs. Simple precautions to protect your skin will ensure that you can enjoy the rest of your getaway without the discomfort of sunburn!

Make sure to opt for a reef-safe sunscreen, that won’t cause long term damage to the unique marine ecosystems of the Whitsundays.


Couple with acubra hats and sun-protective clothing at Hill Inlet Lookout


Beach Towel 

You’ve sailed through Tongue Bay, hiked to the Hill Inlet Lookout, and now it’s time to lay out your beach towel and take some downtime on the white silica sands of Whitehaven.

Although air-drying sounds fun, don’t forget those beach towels to dry off after a refreshing dip!


Three women in the waters of Whitehaven with hats and glasses side by side


Book or Magazine

Nothing says downtime like reading a book on the shores of Whitehaven. Although optional, take a second to imagine the scene!

Girl in white hat sun baking on the shores of Whitehaven Beach with catamarans in the background


Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated throughout the day is essential to make the most out of the numerous natural wonders of Whitehaven and the range of aquatic activities our day and overnight tours offer.

A reusable water bottle in your day pack, to fill up during the day, is a must!

Blue water bottle held at Hill Inlet Lookout


Insect Repellant 

A general essential to have hidden in a pocket of your day pack, ready to use, if need be is insect repellent. Any tropical adventure in the Whitsundays should be spent gasping in awe, not having to worry about buzzing mosquitos.

Tropical strength repellent is recommended for the humid climate!

Tropical swirling sands view from Hill Inlet Lookouyt fringed by tropical palms


Portable Charger / Battery Pack 

Perhaps something you wouldn’t think to bring along on a day trip to Whitehaven. Yet there is nothing worse than your phone or camera running out of battery halfway through your adventure!

People taking photos with DSLR cameras at Hill Inlet Lookout

A visit to the pristine lagoons and silica sands of Whitehaven Beach is a must-do when visiting the Whitsundays!

Enquire or live chat with our experienced staff today, to choose your ideal day or overnight trip to Whitehaven today!

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