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Maori Wrasse in the Whitsundays

Updated Mon 12 Sep 2022

One of the most popular species of wrasse around the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is the Napoleon wrasse which is often sighted snorkelers and scuba divers.

Easy to identify, Napoleon wrasse are generally aqua-green in colour and are the largest species of wrasse which can grow some 7 feet and weigh a huge amount.

Wrasse are known for the large bump on their head, large mouth and lips and are commonly referred to as humphead wrasse.

maori wrasse, whitsundays

They generally feed on fish, clams, starfish, snails, shrimp and other crustaceans.

Whitsundays tourists have often seen a number of large wrasse regularly at Blue Pearl Bay, the Great Barrier Reef reefworld pontoon and Mantaray Bay. 

Learn more about these beautiful creatures here. 

maori wrasse

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