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Whitsunday Star Fish

Star Fish / Sea Stars are a favourite of most locals that work on passenger boats around the beautiful Whitsundays. There are many different types of starfish found around the Islands. They come in a variety of colours and forms. The brittle stars are famously known for loosing limbs which will then grow back. They can even break in half and they will form two separate starfish simply growing back the lost limbs. Featherstars Another gorgeous family of starfish are the feather stars. These impressive creatures have colourful feather like legs they use to move and feed. When swimming, amazingly, they manage to move almost one leg at a time (they have dozens of legs!), an unforgettable show. Crown Of Thorns Starfish This solitary species is the second largest Sea Star in the world. It is nocturnal and comes out in the darkness to feed on coral polyps. These feeding habits make it a pest on the reefs and is a big part of the distruction of corals on the Great Barrier Reef. The crown Of Thorns gets its name because of the sharp spines that cover its surface. They have few natural predators and are extremely venomous. If a human comes into contact with one they would notice a discolouring of the skin and if the spines happen to have broken of in the wound, may cause further infection.

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