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10 Reasons to Choose a Whitsundays Maxi Yacht

Updated Mon 06 Feb 2023

Maxi yachts are known for their adventure sailing tours and performance sailing as they cut through the water at top speeds! Maxi yachts in the Whitsundays give guests a unique experience on the water with both 2 and 3 day tours available. The Whitsundays is home to several maxi yachts that have colourful histories and diverse backgrounds with tours suitable for backpackers, flashpackers, adventure enthusiasts, and solo travellers!

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Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose a Whitsundays Maxi Yacht for your next boat tour!

1. Speed

Maxi yachts are the fastest sailing boats in the Whitsundays and are able to reach incredible speeds in the right conditions! They have much larger sails and power behind them than other boats, giving them a little something extra. They are built for speed and true maxi yachts are performance racers designed for open water. Guests can look forward to an experience unlike any other while on a maxi!

2. Fame

Many of the maxi yachts in the Whitsundays are ex-performers of huge races around the world such as Sydney to Hobart, Fastnet, Bermuda Race, and the World Maxi Championships. It’s a pretty cool feeling to spend the night on a board that was famous in the world for her amazing sailing abilities. 

3. Size

Maxi’s cost millions of dollars to construct and are a pretty impressive size! They are over 21 metres long and have an incredible depth, which gives their guests plenty of room below deck. They also have large decks and saloon areas for relaxing and socialising, making your trip as comfortable as possible.

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4. History

Legends in their own right, the Whitsunday maxi yachts are known around the world for their famous racing histories, which adds colour to their already amazing appeal! Siska for example, sailed the final leg of a Fastnet Race with a broken boom, and went on to win Parmelia Race and defeat other world champion boats along the way. Each maxi has its own amazing history, each of which you will learn about during a sailing tour.

5. Value

Maxi yacht tours are a great choice for those on a budget and offer value for money with everything included in the price. This includes all meals which are freshly prepared, linen, snorkelling gear and wetsuit hire! All you need to bring along is your personal items and any alcohol you’d like to drink during the trip.

6. Learn To Sail

Maxis are the perfect place to try your hand at sailing. The crew is always happy to have a helping hand, guiding her passengers with helpful instructions that will give them the skills they need! Passengers are encouraged to help man the sails and grind the winches while onboard, enjoying the thrill of sailing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have hands-on experience sailing a genuine maxi boat.

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7. Meet Like-Minded Guests

With the maxi yachts capable of carrying more passengers than an average boat, they provide the perfect platform to meet new people and make friends with like-minded travellers! They provide the space and encouragement to have a fun trip on the water, full of socialising, fun, games, and adventure!

8. Departures

You will be able to find a maxi yacht suitable for your dates no matter what your date of travel is! There is a huge variety available meaning you have plenty of options available to you! Just make sure you book ahead to ensure you get on the boat of your choice.

9. Itinerary 

All of the maxi yachts in the Whitsundays have a similar itinerary in that they visit both Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout and take their guests snorkelling. All of them will ensure you get to spend time with sails up, making your way around the islands under the power of the wind! 

10. Experience

If you want the ultimate adventure sailing experience, a maxi yacht is the best way to go. They focus on sailing and the overall experience on the water, ensuring that each and every guest has an amazing time during their tour.

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Choose the Whitsundays Maxi Yacht that’s right for you:

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