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Whitsunday Sailing History

To keep our website as up to date as possible we have included a list here of recently retired or vessels that have been put on an extended stand down. These vessels cannot be booked as they are not currently operational. If you see these boats advertised on other websites you now know that that website is outdated and not current. Sailing Whitsundays ensures all boats advertised are operational and will be available for you to book..

Lost, stood down or retired vessels as of January 2015: Pacific Star, Whitsunday Magic, Providence, Windjammer, Enid, Dreamtime, Alexander Stewart, Ron of Argyll, Pacific Sunrise, Descarada.


The Whitsundays has a very colorful history of flamboyant characters who have come and gone from the region, as they have tried to stamp there mark on the Whitsunday sailing scene. What is most interesting is the boats themselves are subject to wind and waves storm and tempest. So we have an ever changing progression of vessels that have called the Whitsundays home.

The very first vessels that worked in the Whitsundays as Overnight Skippered Charter Boats. The "pioneers" included Nari (a steel Ketch), Tri Tingara, Island Gypsy, and sleek at the time fast catamaran called Jade.

Essentially the Industry begin in the 1980's and in the those days there was no marina so guest were picked up of the front beach at Airlie. Now we have excellent marina facilities and passengers can embark directly to the marina.

With the following list we have tried to add the vessels in chronological order of when they joined The Whitsundays. Some of the vessels retired due to owners moving on, or simply the vessels were replaced with faster more modern vessels.

Along with the earlier adopters at the top of the list there was:
Solo and Thala, Derwent Hunter, Tongarra, Jade.

Then the big Maxis started to come into the Whitsundays, These included:
Apollo, Condor, Ragamuffin, Siska, Boomerang, The Card, followed later by Hammer, British Defender, Spank Me, and Matador.

In amongst the big maxis, dozens of smaller vessel found a home here in the late 1990's. Boats such as:
Silent night, Waltzing Matilda, Kiana, Southern Cross, Ragamuffin 2, Mandrake, Prima, Eureka, Freight Train, Mandrake, and Samauri.

A few more Tallships came to work here just after the 2000 new millenium including:
Solway Lass, Summertime, Coral Trekker, Alexander Stewart, and Wind Jammer.

Two big flash deluxe cruising vessels arrived for work in early 2000, they included:
The luxurious Whitsunday Magic and Pacific Sunrise.

In 2004 Atlantic turned up for work with her 50 pax capacity. She was soon a hit with the backpacker crowd.

Also in the 2004 the Catamarans starting working their magic in the Whitsundays. These modern style boats include:
Powerplay, Adventurer, Getaway, On Ice, Wings and Whitsunday Blue, and Avatar.

Some of the vessels that have worked here have gone off cruising the world with their owners, these include:
Dreamtime, Windjammer, Ron of Argyl, Providence, Gypsy, and Tallarook.

Vessels Lost:
The Card - 80ft Maxi lost on the breakwall during Cyclone Ului 2010
Romance Steel - 60ft ketch operated by Tallarook 2009
Jade - 45ft Catamaran lost in Cyclone Ului in 2010
Whitsunday Magic - Lost to the industry in Shute Harbour in Aug 2011. Was rebuilt but unfortunately suffered severe damage in yet another cyclone in 2012. Currently going through court proceedings and has semi sunk off Cannonvale Beach awaiting a result.


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