Whitsundays Holiday Dollars

Whitsunday Holiday Dollars

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Are you ready for a holiday exploring the crystal-clear seas of the Whitsundays? We are too!

The Queensland Government has just announced they are set to inject tourism dollars into the Whitsundays, during May and June, and locals are raring to explore the paradise they call their own backyard! 

There will be 6000 lucky punters who are set to receive tourism vouchers for the beautiful Whitsundays region. Available for Queensland residents to redeem 50% off tours, attractions or accommodation in the Whitsundays region, there’s never been a better time to pack your bags, shimmy into your wetsuit and dive into the deep blue. 

The Whitsunday Holiday Dollars will be up to the value of AUD $200, meaning punters can claim up to 50% off any eligible tourism experience booked, up to a maximum of $200 per adult. In total, the Whitsunday Holiday Dollars will have a huge cash injection into the Whitsundays region, with locals and tourism operators itching to show the rest of Australia the beauty of our backyard!

Vouchers will be made available to Queensland residents (with proof of a valid Queensland license) over the age of 18.

Whether you want to sail and snorkel the crystal-clear waters, laze about on the silica white sand or fly high above Heart Reef, the Whitsundays Holiday Dollars are made for you… literally! 

Why go to the Whitsundays?

As the heart and soul of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays is a hot spot of natural wonders, glorious sights and magical marine life. Perched on the East Coast of Queensland, Airlie Beach is usually touted as the centre of the Whitsundays and is home to a quirky and vibrant community of locals and ex-pats. We love it here, and we can’t wait to show you why!

Explore the vibrance of the Great Barrier Reef and its stunning array of 74 islands within the Whitsundays. Relax on the pristine white silica sand shores of Whitehaven Beach and paddle around in the crystal clear waters surrounding you! Spot the kaleidoscopic sand of the famous Hill Inlet and watch the colours ebb and flow before your eyes. We can never believe our eyes when we’re at Hill Inlet, and we know you won’t either!

Boasting beautiful weather all year round, the Whitsundays is an incredible place to explore during the wintertime. When the south of Australia is still cold, the Whitsundays remain temperate and warm during the day, meaning you can explore the deep blue to your heart's content! Move over Sydney, we know you can't snorkel in the peak of winter there!

The Whitsundays region is also dotted with a myriad of great inland activities as well. Explore the jaw-dropping hinterland of the Whitsunday Coast, walk the paths of the Conway National Park and visit the fruitful cane fields of nearby Proserpine! You might also like to take a quick journey up to the spectacular shores of Bowen, which boasts palm-fringed beaches and the beloved Horseshoe Bay.  From hiking in the bush to swimming in fast-flowing creeks and eating lunch at a charming airport hangar, the Whitsundays is in its own league when it comes to tourism. 

Jump in and experience any of these natural wonders, all of which are available for discounts using Holiday Dollars. Never before has seeing the Whitsundays been so accessible to Queenslanders, so check out our abundance of holiday options on our website and chat to our friendly staff about using Holiday Dollars. We can’t wait to show you our favourite spots in our slice of paradise!

So how does it work?

Want to be the first in line to score Whitsunday Holiday Dollars? Jump online now and ask our friendly staff! Available daily online from 6 am to 11 pm Australian time, secure your tours and dollars with a friendly hello. We know business is going to be pumping over the next few months, and we don’t want you to miss out! 

More FAQ’s

Can I use the Holiday Dollars if I live outside of Queensland?
Holiday Dollars will be available to Queensland residents only… the perfect opportunity for you to take that well-deserved holiday and be a tourist in your own backyard!

You will need to provide valid proof of identity, such as a Queensland drivers licence or identity card.

When can I use my Holiday Dollars?
Vouchers are valid to use for travel periods between 4 May 2021 to 30 June 2021. All Holiday Dollars are subject to availability and conditions from individual tour operators, so chat with our friendly team to make sure you're good to go!

The Holiday Dollars program has limited funds and vouchers are available for redemption until these funds are exhausted. We recommend booking as soon as you can to score an eligible ticket, so get in touch and we'll find you the perfect tour ASAP!

What can I use my Holiday Dollars on?
We offer an array of experiences that are classified as tourism activities and are covered under the Holiday Dollars program. Some examples include ocean activities (snorkelling, boat tours, kayaking, jet skiing, diving, marine life tours, island tours) and land activities (skydiving, segway tours, air tours, hike tours). 

Family, concession and child passes are covered under the Holiday Dollars program, as well as multi-day and overnight experiences.

Accommodation and external transport, unfortunately, are not covered under the program. However, we offer a fantastic range of affordable accommodation and easy transport passes, so chat with our friendly staff to score a gem in the heart of Airlie and get around smoothly!

Where can I use my Holiday Dollars?
The Holiday Dollars are limited to the Whitsunday Region which includes Airlie Beach, Bowen, Prosperine, Collinsville, Great Barrier Reef, Island resorts, Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach and an abundance of pristine islands!

Can I cancel my existing booking and rebook using my Holiday Dollars?
Unfortunately, you can't cancel a booking with a Whitsunday operator and rebook using the Whitsunday Holiday Dollars.

However, simply call us to book a secondary tour and extend your holiday using your Holiday Dollars. We suggest a sailing tour to Langford Reef, a flight to Heart Reef, a jet ski tour, a sky-diving experience or a tour inside Hill Inlet to name a few!

Can I go into the draw for Holiday Dollars if I am under 18?
Sorry, the Whitsundays Holiday Dollars are only available to those aged 18 and over. A valid ID or proof of age is required.

For more information about proof of identity, simply chat with our friendly staff.

Are tickets transferrable?
Unfortunately not. Tickets are only valid for use to the person who entered the draw to win them and valid identification is required. Our advice? Bring the whole gang along so you can all experience the magic we have to offer here in the Whitsundays!

I don't have a Queensland drivers license, can I still receive Holiday Dollars?
Queenslanders over the age of 18 are eligible to apply for Holiday Dollars. An identity card will be required, and while a Queensland drivers license is ideal, a recognised proof of identity or proof of age card is acceptable. If you're unsure, contact our team to chat about what identification you are required to present.

Can I enter my kids in the drawer for Holiday Dollars?
Unfortunately, all entrants must be 18 or over to go into the drawer to win Holiday Dollars, so no entries can go under the little ones’ names! 

On that note, we love nothing more than seeing tribes of young ones discover the natural beauty of Far North Queensland. We have a fantastic array of kid-friendly holiday experiences that await you and your family.

What if I don't spend my Holiday Dollars all in one go?
Your voucher is only eligible for one transaction, so we recommend you spend the whole amount to get the most of the Holiday Dollars program. Our knowledgeable staff will help you figure out the best experience for you according to any budget, so get in touch today!

Can I book more than one experience using my Holiday Dollars?
You are more than welcome to book more than one experience and apply your Holiday Dollars voucher, however, they must be purchased in the same transaction. Luckily we offer many fantastic tours that pair together exceptionally, so contact our team to figure out the best way to spend those vouchers!

Where do I find accommodation during this busy time in the Whitsundays?
Sailing Whitsundays is lucky enough to own an array of luxury one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. If you're having trouble finding accommodation during this busy time, we've got you covered! Our team of locals are happy to direct you to our hidden gems in the heart of Airlie Beach, just ask!

Where are the Holiday Dollars coming from?
The Queensland state government is injecting over $1.2 million into the Whitsundays region through the Holiday Dollars program, to help the region and tourism industry emerge from the financial losses caused by COVID-19.

Now, all we need is for you to pack your bags and have the holiday of your life, all the while supporting your local tourism industry to get back on its feet.

I'm a local, am I eligible to receive Holiday Dollars?
Absolutely! Residents are encouraged to apply to the Holiday Dollars program. We all need a holiday, and what better time is there to explore your own backyard and support your neighbours?

Can more than one member of a family apply to receive Holiday Dollars?
Yes, and we recommend you do to ensure that you are all in the draw for the family holiday of a lifetime! If you're really lucky and have multiple Holiday Dollar vouchers per family, you could book the same or different experiences, as long as they are booked in separate transactions.

Can I book an experience that leaves on or before 30 June and returns after 30 June?
No, all travel must be completed between 4 May 2021 and 30 June 2021, so get in quick to secure our available tours!

Can I use the Holiday Dollars on all of the Sailing Whitsunday experiences?
Our team of friendly Whitsunday professionals are here seven days a week, to help you figure out the perfect tour for you and your Whitsunday Holiday Dollars! 

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