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The Airlie Creek Track

Updated 23/12/21

Two women pointing at the trees, Airlie Creek Walking Track

The 850 metre Airlie Creek Track is an uphill, winding walk that takes approximately one hour to complete, increasing from a Grade 1 difficulty to Grade 4 difficulty as the path progresses. Easily accessed from Waterson’s Way in the heart of Airlie Beach, Airlie Creek Track provides ample opportunities for the whole family to take in the rare native flora and fauna of the Whitsundays region. Choose to hike to the end of the Grade 2 track where visitors can take a picture with the enormous, intertwined branches of magnificent fig trees, or to the end of the Grade 4 track if you’re eager for a longer hike!

Airlie Creek Walking Track

Perfect for: Low to moderate fitness levels.

Length: 850 metres, one hour is recommended to complete a return trip.

There is more than your fair share of hikes and walks around the Whitsundays and Airlie Beach, ranging from easy to difficult! The Airlie Creek Track is the perfect activity for the whole family during your tropical escape. Walk along an uphill descending pathway past serene rock pools and an abundance of subtropical plants, a range of birds chirping above. Look out for rare Whitsunday Bottle Trees and the endangered Proserpine Rock Wallaby during your hike, both of which are only found in the Whitsundays region!

Image of the Airlie Creek Track entrance sign

The beginning of the Airlie Creek Track is classed with Grade 1 difficulty, having less than a 5-degree slope along a gravel-lined pathway. As the track progresses, it eventually reaches a Grade 4 difficulty, with a maximum 20-degree slope. Choose how far you hike along the track, as there is a choice for every fitness level!

Our team of friendly, local experts recommend that you complete the Airlie Creek Track in the early morning or late afternoon, especially during the months of December, January, and February to avoid the humid heat. To see the tranquil rockpools come to life, the Airlie Creek Track is best completed after rain – however, make sure to be careful along the loose gravel pathway!

Women looking at a huge fig, Airlie Creek Walking TrackDon't forget to take a picture with the giant, intertwined branches of Airlie Creek Track's fig trees!

What to Bring on the Airlie Creek Walking Track



During your venture to the Airlie Creek Track be sure to stay hydrated by packing a full water bottle! There are no water stations along the duration of the walk, and Airlie Beach's weather can quickly become hot and humid during the day!

Waterbottle and backpack on a bench, Airlie Creek Track



Comfortable walking shoes and attire

The Airlie Creek Track mainly consists of a loose gravel pathway, calling for comfortable walking shoes! If you are completing the splendid walk during the humid summer months, make sure to wear lightweight, breathable clothing.



Two women on the Airlie Creek Track


Hat and sunscreen

It is important to protect your skin from the harsh Queensland sun at all times of the year, yet especially in the summer months. Make sure to slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat during your visit to the Airlie Creek Track!

Women with a hat on, Airlie Creek Track


Insect repellent

Due to the dense subtropical vegetation and flowing creek, the Airlie Creek Track can occasionally be home to mosquitos and other insects after rainfall. Be sure to put on some insect repellent prior to your visit to keep any buzzing creatures away!

Women near a rockpool, Airlie Creek Track

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