Is there an underwater hotel on the Great Barrier Reef?

Updated 31/01/22

Yes! Located 40 nautical miles from Airlie Beach, is Australia’s first underwater accommodation on the Great Barrier Reef! 

Women taking in the view from her Reefsuite, Great Barrier Reef

Reefsuites offer exclusive luxury in the heart of the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, with guests able to enjoy endless snorkelling adventures, all-inclusive meals and beverages, spectacular dining under the stars, and their very own intimate glass-walled Reefsuite!

The overnight sleeping experience immerses guests in the exotic and flourishing underwater world of Hardy Reef, with the two premium underwater suites boasting enchanting floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Create unforgettable memories as you watch the Great Barrier Reef come to life from the privacy of a premium underwater hotel suite!

Your exclusive Reefsuite itinerary

Moored adjacent to the world-renowned Hardy Reef, in the centre of the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is the Reefworld pontoon, which is home to Australia’s first underwater accommodation! It's time to fall asleep to the mesmerising underwater bliss of the biodiverse Outer Reef, and awake peacefully to soft serenity aboard Reefworld!

Snorkel to your heart's content

Reefworld pontoon located off Hardy Reef, Outer Great Barrier Reef

Guests will begin their Reefsuite experience by cruising through the dazzling turquoise waters of the Whitsunday Islands to reach the Outer Great Barrier Reef. Upon arrival at Reefworld, you will head below deck to your private, exclusive Reefsuite, before snorkelling to your heart’s content amongst the abundant coral walls of Hardy Reef! 

We recommend you book a private guided snorkelling tour to explore special snorkelling spots, which provide unforgettable opportunities to swim amongst colourful reef fish, Maori wrasse, turtles, and giant groper’s! Or dive deeper into the magic of the Outer Great Barrier Reef by booking a spectacular scuba dive - no experience is necessary aboard Reefworld to have your first scuba dive!

Inclusive sunset drinks and long table dining

Women enjoy a sunset drink and nibbles aboard Reefworld pontoon, Great Barrier Reef

Come 3 pm, the day vessel departs, and an intimate hush settles over Reefworld as the Reefsuite and Reefsleep guests indulge in all-inclusive sunset nibbles and wine or beer. Watch the sky slowly turn to captivating shades of bright orange and soft pink as the sun sets on the horizon, and you reflect on the wonder of your day!

Enjoy a sumptuous long table dinner on the pontoon’s upper deck as the stars emerge in the night sky, before retreating for the night to the privacy of your underwater Reefsuite!

Sleep on the Great Barrier Reef

Inside a Reefsuite hotel room

It’s time to soak in the wonder of your ‘room with a view’ like no other! Reefworld offers two exclusive underwater en suite rooms, with either a king double or twin single options. From the comfort and luxury of your underwater suite, you will enjoy premium bedding, a glass-walled en suite, and floor-to-ceiling views of the incredible Great Barrier Reef!

Be entranced by the nocturnal activity of the Outer Reef as an abundance of marine life swim past! Sleeping on the Great Barrier Reef sure is an experience like no other, and is the perfect way to spoil yourself or a loved one!

Wake up in natural paradise

Women watching a sunrise aboard the Reefworld pontoon, Great Barrier Reef

Peacefully awaken under the sea to the jewel-coloured waters of the Great Barrier Reef, and choose to relax to the soft ambience of the underwater biome or make your way to the pontoon’s upper deck to watch the days sunrise! 

Spend your morning indulging in a freshly made buffet-style breakfast, and enjoying Reefworld all to yourself! Fill your final hour's snorkelling and spotting endless species of coral and reef fish before journeying back to the mainland in the afternoon!

Other Reefworld Experiences

Sleep under the stars with Reefsleep

Women lounging on her Reefbed, Reefsleep Great Barrier Reef Experience

A remarkable balance of adventure and luxury Reefsleep offers guests the unforgettable chance to fall asleep under a sky full of sparkling stars, and awaken slowly to the solitude and tranquillity of the Outer Great Barrier Reef from their very own premium Reefbed!

Quickly becoming a sought-after Great Barrier Reef experience aboard the marvellous Reefworld! Reesleep includes endless snorkelling amongst the colourful coral walls of Hardy Reef, all-inclusive delicious meals and beverages, and your very own luxurious outdoor Reefbed on the upper floor of the Reefworld pontoon! Check out Reefsleep here.

Day tour the Outer Great Barrier Reef

People snorkelling amongst Hardy Reef, Reefworld pontoon

For those limited on time in the magical island archipelago of the Whitsundays, yet still yearning to experience the Outer Great Barrier Reef, a jam-packed day trip to the Reefworld pontoon will tick off your Great Barrier Reef dreams!

There's no better way to spend a day at sea than cruising to the biodiverse Hardy Reef and snorkelling amongst an array of exotic marine creatures and flourishing corals! Perfect for the whole family, an Outer Great Barrier Reef experience is a must-do! Check out day trip Reefworld options here.

Explore all the different ways to experience one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, here!

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