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A Whitsundays 'Below Deck' Experience on a Budget

Updated Wed 23 Mar 2022

Ahoy there sailors! 

Spending your nights captivated by the adventurous and sunkissed lifestyles of the crew on the new series Below Deck: Down Under, which began on the 18th of March?

Getaway sailing catamaran, anchored off Daydream Island, Whitsundays

It’s sure to make for some spellbinding daydreams during your workweek - the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the tales of the rich and famous are a sure way to fuel anyone's travel FOMO!

For those who have yet to become addicted to the reality TV series Below Deck: Down Under, the lavish superyacht, Thalassa, navigates her way through our backyard, the world-famous island archipelago of the Whitsundays, located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef! Showcasing the natural havens of the Whitsunday's endless underwater playgrounds, and the entertaining reality of working on a superyacht, Below Deck: Down Under encapsulates a perfect jealousy-inducing taste of Whitsunday wonder!

If your recent Google search revealed the staggering price of a week on a superyacht, we can guess that your wanderlust Below Deck daydreams of the big blue have been left slightly shattered! Rest assured fellow sailors, there are still multiple ways to turn those Below Deck dreams into reality - and on a budget!

The captain's hat sure suits you! Now it’s time to hoist the sails and live your very own Whitsundays Below Deck Whitsundays  - let us tell you how!

Private Charters in the Whitsundays

Picturing the luxury of cruising at your own pace around countless lush islands on a sleek catamaran with your nearest and dearest, as an experienced onboard crew sail you from one world-renowned destination to the next?

Caught out - we can see you packing your favourite swimsuit already!

Group of people relax aboard a private charters in the Whitsunday Islands

Booking a private charter in the prestigious heart of the Great Barrier Reef comes in many forms from deluxe catamarans, adventurous sailing vessels, and luxury yachts, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to explore the islands in intimate exclusivity! 

With complete freedom to design your own itinerary, you can choose to spend a day relaxing in the blissful sunshine as you cruise around Hook Island’s numerous bays and coves, or wake early before the sun to embark on an island hiking adventure followed by a day of ambient snorkelling awe. A private charter speaks ‘your wish is my command’ in the Whitsunday Islands!

Prices vary depending on the type of private charter vessel you desire to book, the size of your group, and the number of nights you plan on booking, however, prices generally range from $410 to $1100 per person, for a standard 2 day 2 night all-inclusive sailing tour. Check out the Whitsundays most beloved private charter vessels here, all equipped to make your Below Deck fantasies reality!

Overnight Sailing in the Whitsundays

Searching for your ultimate Below Deck experience, and eager to mingle and adventure with new and old friends in the home of some of the world’s best sailing holidays?

Two people sitting on a stand-up paddle board in a shallow lagoon off Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Step aboard an overnight sailing catamaran or yacht in the Whitsundays, where your day to day itinerary is brimming with lush tropical islands, world-famous sites such as Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, endless underwater adventures, and sunkissed relaxation aboard spacious and sleek decks!

Whilst private charters are the best choice for those seeking a personalised sailing getaway, an overnight sailing tour grants a perfect balance of your own time living the high life, and celebrating your beautiful journey with other guests onboard!

You're guaranteed your very own Whitsundays Below Deck experience on an overnight sailing tour, no matter what type of traveller you are! From a low-key small group catamaran escape on Getaway’s elegant and romantic decks, to backpacker social expeditions filled with jam-packed watersports aboard Atlantic Clipper - check out all your options here!

Complete your Whitsundays Below Deck itinerary by hitting Airlie Beach’s bustling main street for a boogie after sailing the seas like a true boaty local!

Bareboating in the Whitsundays

Okay, you’ve been watching the skipper weekly on Below Deck and you’ve decided raising the anchor and hoisting the mainsail looks pretty fun?

Hiring a bareboat in the Whitsundays, where you skipper yourself freely around the island archipelago, is an ever-popular holiday choice amongst budding sailors!

Catamaran anchored in solitude off Langford Island, Whitsundays

Much like a private charter in the Whitsundays a bareboat journey grants you utter freedom to adventure around the islands at your own pace, however, you're the skipper! Although boating experience is definitely recommended, you don’t need to be a professional skipper to hire a bareboat, as a complete briefing is generally included prior to your departure.

Choose from over 40 tranquil anchorages in quiet coves, and discover the off the beaten track hidden gems sprawled around the heart of the Great Barrier Reef! With year-round tropical trade winds and balmy warm temperatures, it’s no wonder Below Deck decided to grace our picturesque backyard!

Keep in mind that although your chosen vessel will be fully equipped with modern amenities and everything you need to enjoy your journey with ease, you will need to cater for yourself! Find out all you need to know about cruising a bareboat yacht or catamaran around the Whitsunday Islands here.

Your Whitsundays Below Deck dreams are calling!

Secluded island-hopping adventures, snorkelling amongst sprawling coral walls, and sipping on cocktails whilst sailing into the sunset - the FOMO has begun!

Fellow budding sailors, are you ready to cruise around the Whitsunday Islands in style? All of this talking has sure got us excited for our next long weekend of adventure on the water! Time to jump right in!

Person diving into the turquoise Whitsundays waters

Don’t just let your 9 - 5 Whitsundays 'Below Deck' daydreams go to waste!

Live chat with a team member or call us on +61 7 4914 2425 to explore all of your private charter, overnight, and bareboat sailing options in the Whitsundays!

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