Free Parking in the Whitsundays and Airlie Beach

This free parking article is current as of August 2020 and has many locations that should be okay without upsetting the council parking officers. But things do change and some council officers have different tolerances to what is a legal park and what is not. Please use your own judgement, we at Sailing Whitsundays take no responsibility whatsoever for any parking infringements.

Free Airlie carparking

A popular place for locals to park is both sides of the Main road just outside Woolworth's shopping centre, located on Waterson Way
right in the middle of town.

Free car parking near Airlies New Beach

A close walk to town and a common area for overflow parking when the town is quite full. Located on Broadwater Avenue and close to 
walk to the Coral Sea Marina via the Bicentennial Walkway just past Coral Sea Resort.

Free carparking near Airlies new Beach

If your heading to new beach for the day you might just get lucky and snag one of the few unsigned parks just at the entrance
to the Beach. Be warned if you park on the nature strips in this area you may get a $255 Council fine.

Council free carpark in Airlie Beach

A recent new sign and a new car park in town is just next to the paid Woolworths car park.
The signs in this area are a bit ambiguous as the land to the left of the roundabout is owned by the council there are two car parks here both free as of the time of writing.

Airlie Town parking entrance

Another popular parking area for those heading out on day trips, probably the closest free park to the southern end of the Coral Sea Marina.
If you heading out on Whitsunday Bullet, Atlantic Clipper, Southern Cross or Lady Enid, this is the car park to get for free!

Free park South Airlie

Another small free gravel car park at the southern end of Airlie is located next to one of the favourite breakfast locations Cafe One 3.
Take a right turn at the first roundabout as you come into Airlie beach, located along Waterson Way.

Closest Parks to Airlie Market

I have included a nice picture of the Airlie Markets here as it marks the southern end of Town. When visiting the Saturday Markets the large car park at the Whitsunday Sailing Club has an abundance of parking with a 4 hours maximum. If you plan an all-day visit the closest parking is the Woolworths parking lot. Or the very middle of town has a paid all-day car park. The long road adjacent to the market is one hour only free parking, this is a good evening out parking location as the 1-hour limit only applies till 5 pm seven days a week.

Covered Cannonvale park, short walk from the marina

If you need a shaded car park and you are out sailing the Whitsundays for a day, here is a free option that's only a short walk to the Coral Sea Marina. Its located at the Cannonvale Shopping Centre and a good spot if you wish to do some grocery shopping at the end of the day.

Police parking Airlie

Above is a good option for the security conscious. Opposite the Airlie Beach, Police Station is a 24-hour unsigned parking area
that suits trailers as well as cars. A good all-day free car park with that added bonus its in eyesight of the Police Station. A short picturesque walk along with the Bicentennial walkway heads to the Coral Sea Marina is only a few short minutes.

Here is our list of Top Paid Parking in Airlie Beach: Where to Park in the Whitsundays

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