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Whitsunday Catamarans

Every year tour operators in the Whitsunday tourism industry are improving the services and experiences they offer their guests. This is evident by the growing number of high standard boat charters available for a very good price.

Most tour operators will agree, the future of charter sailing growth in the Whitsundays and around the world will be in the Catamaran Market. Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef is the genuinely the capital for catamaran sailing in Australia.

The growing number of catamarans available for charter in the Whitsundays means tourists can appreciate the sailing experience in comfort and luxury, while still benefiting from the adventure of sailing and exploring one of the Southern Hemispheres natural wonders.

Difference of a catamaran?

Catamarans have several advantages over regular monohull sailing boats. Catamarans have two hulls and are more spacious, sturdy and balanced. Regular sailboats lean on an angle when under sail, sometimes causing discomfort among guests not accustomed to life at sea and can make it make more difficult to move around the boat. Guests on board a multihull will experience the beauty of sailing without having to hold on as much while moving about. They can make use of the ample deck space to sunbathe, read, eat, play or if they are feeling very adventurous, make use of the net at the front of the boat to watch the water rushing underneath them.

Space can be an issue onboard any boat. Guests are always surprised when they step inside a catamaran to find a large open living area and kitchen. The cockpits on deck are huge, with enough room for skipper and guests to sit and enjoy the sunset over the Whitsunday islands.

Families have plenty of room to let the kids play so parents can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Couples can rekindle the romance as they are guaranteed privacy in their cabins in each wing of the boat.

Catamarans are shallow boats. They can be brought in close to shore making exploring the islands easier.

Catamarans can anchor close to the world renowned Whitehaven Beach, meaning guests can spend more time on the beautiful white silica sands of the famous beach. Diving and snorkelling the coral reef is made easier as guests can launch themselves from the back of the boat.

Every day, visitors can see dolphins, turtles, fish, coral, birds and even whales from the deck of the boat.

Choosing to sail a catamaran is a great choice for the best Whitsunday holiday, bringing adventure, luxury and nature together in one perfect trip.

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