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Scuba diving on a Whitsundays Tour

The Whitsundays Islands are one of the top destinations to experience scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, with thousands of travellers visiting the region just to dive!

Whether you are a certified or an introductory (inexperienced) diver, the Whitsundays offers a variety of day and overnight trips with this activity onboard, visiting either the outer Great Barrier Reef or the Inner Barrier Reef which is around the Whitsunday islands. To carry out a scuba dive, your instructors will need to confirm that you can swim and don’t have any medical conditions.

Overnight Sailing Trips with Scuba Diving

There are several overnight sailing trips operating in the Whitsundays which offer onboard scuba diving, both introductory and certified, with the opportunity to do a number of dives (depending on the trip) as well as night dives.

There are an additional 9 different overnight sailing tours which arrange scuba diving rendezvous-style with a diving-specific boat called Tornado which is suitable for certified and introductory divers. With rendezvous diving, your boat will meet up with Tornado, which is equipped with all apparatuses and instructors onboard, and those who wish to dive will board Tornado, while the other passengers will do some snorkelling.

Day trips with Scuba Diving

There are 3 different day tours offering scuba diving in the Whitsundays; including a trip to the Great Barrier Reef Reefworld pontoon situated at Hardy Reef. This popular trip includes transfers to the pontoon where you can spend the day exploring the reef with through snorkelling and scuba diving.

You can also join Whitsunday Bullet which offers rendezvous diving on board Tornado, a diving vessel. 

Another diving-specific tour is onboard a powerboat called Mantaray. This is only day trip of its kind, with the opportunity to do up to two dives on the day.

Please note, it is at the discretion of the diving instructor on the day to decide whether you can scuba dive or not. Safety at all levels is paramount, and you may not be able to scuba dive if you have certain medical conditions, are over a certain age, or cannot swim.

Becoming a Certified Diver in the Whitsundays

Many enthusiastic divers choose to complete the Open Water Dive Course in the Whitsunday region which is known for its exotic reef, experienced dive instructors and thorough and affordable courses. You can opt to go through AUSI or PADI to obtain the qualification, with many people choosing the AUSI Open Water Course or AUSI Advanced Dive Course onboard the 3 day/ 2 night sailing trip Anaconda III, wich is the only vessel in the Whitsundays to offer the amazing package!

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