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Conway National Park Walks and Rides

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Lily Kerley
Updated Thu 24 Aug 2023

Two girls walking through the Conway National park wearing backpacks, hats and active wear

Home to the Conway Circuit (previously named the Whitsunday Great Walk), the Conway National park is a dream for explorers, walkers, hikers and bikers of all styles! With a great selection of multiday hikes, tucked-away bushcamps and rainforest day walks, there’s is something for every kind of nature lover. Find out about hiking the Conway Circuit, day walks and all of the logistics like getting there and what to pack here! 

Conway Circuit (Whitsunday Great Walk)

Perfect for: Prepared, experienced hikers of moderate fitness

Length: 27.1 km one way (3 days, 2 nights recommended)

The Conway Circuit is an incredibly immersive experience that will lead you through dense, bushy rainforest through valleys and along creeks. A fantastic trail for adventurers looking for a moderately challenging overnight experience adorned with native flora and fauna, peaceful bushcamps and stunning views, the Conway Circuit is a wonderful hidden gem in Airlie Beach.

Two people hiking the Conway Circuit surrounded by tall bushes

Multi-day hiking the Conway Circuit

We highly recommend doing this trail anticlockwise, beginning at Forestry Road Carpark off of Brandy Creek Road and finishing at the spectacular Honeyeater Lookout with glistening views of the Whitsunday Islands, only a kilometre from the heart of Airlie Beach. Ease yourself into your natural rhythm with a relatively easy first 9.9km consisting of a maintained trail and gentle slopes. Spend your first night at Repulse Creek camp, where there are toilets, lockable trunks and taps connected to water tanks (hikers must treat water before drinking). Fall asleep under the stars in your secluded, peaceful bush camp where you can feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life! 

Lace up your boots and get ready for a more challenging day of walking as your trail ascends and narrows over the next 10km. Really get back to nature with this nature-clad section of the trail in the heart of the Whitsunday rainforest. Don’t forget to stop off at the lookout to Mount Hayward on the way for some spectacular panoramas of the area. Keep an eye out for vibrant blue Ulysses butterflies, orange footed scrub fowl and Buff-breasted paradise-kingfishers who are common in the area. Arrive at Bloodwood camp (with the same facilities as Repulse) and pitch your tent for a final, peaceful night in the magical wilderness! 

Your third day of walking will take you down a slippery, often challenging slope, to the final section of your trail - Airlie Beach! Walk through majestic cycads and eucalypts to finish up at Honeyeater Lookout with a majestic sweeping outlook over the turquoise waters, Whitsunday Island silhouettes and the colourful township. We can assure you, you won’t be able to refrain from smiling as you look out at the stunning views and reminisce on the amazing three-day two-night hike that you just completed! 

Honeyeater Lookout with woman standing with her arms out looking at the water

Biking the Conway Circuit

The Conway Circuit is also a popular route for bike riders, taking roughly 4 hours to complete on a mountain bike. Much like the walking route, the trail is easy and suitable for riding for the first 10km, however becomes challenging when you hit Little Repulse Creek. Watch out for fallen trees, overgrown bushes, steep declines, sharp corners and narrow sections during this last part of the track, but most of all, enjoy the thrill of speeding through the beautiful, bushy rainforest! 

 Mountain Bike at Conway National Park with blue sky background

Conway Circuit Tips


Book bush camps online

Camping at Repulse Creek and Bloodwood camp require booking through the QLD National Park Website, so hop on and secure your spot for a small fee that contributes to the care and maintenance of our incredible national parks! 


Avoid hiking in the middle of summer

While it may seem self-explanatory, don’t hike the Conway Circuit in the hot summer months of December and January. The beating sun and scorching heat are enough to distress any hiker or rider, so head out during winter, autumn or spring instead. Check out our Whitsunday weather guide for more info.


Drink and carry plenty of water

With four water tanks throughout the whole circuit, there are plenty of opportunities to stay hydrated. Carry at least 2 litres per person when you embark on your journey, and remember to treat the water before drinking. Also, check the national park information to ensure there is water in the tanks on the circuit, particularly in the drier months.

Bring your own fuel stove

Campfires are prohibited in the Conway National Park, so carry your own lightweight stove to cook! Remember to leave no trace at all times and carry any rubbish out with you.

Map it out 

Find the map of the Conway Circuit and related day walks on the QLD National Parks website. Familiarise yourself with your route and carry a copy on your multiday hike! 

Conway Circuit Day Walks 

Kingfisher Circuit

Perfect for: Walkers of moderate fitness

Length: 2km return (allow 1.5 hrs)

A beautiful walk that will deliver you through the lush rainforest, the Kingfisher Circuit departs from the Forestry Road car park and is perfect for a morning or afternoon nature escape. Be prepared for sections of steep stairs and sections of the path, as well as plenty of strangler figs, buttressed tulip oaks and an array of native wildlife.

Woompoo Way

Perfect for: Walkers of moderate fitness

Length: 7km return (allow 3.5 hrs walking or 45 mins riding)

Follow the Conway Circuit from Forestry Road car park for a short 2.3km until a lefthand turn off onto Woompoo Way. For 1.2km, walk through the magnificent rainforest to a babbling creek where you can chill out under the shade of a grand Alexandra palm for lunch. Listen out for the distinguished call of the Woompoo fruit-dove, the namesake of this brilliant trail. Return on the same path, and be ready for some steeper sections of the trail.

Two girls Walking standing at the Conway National Park sign with hats on with backpacks

Can't get enough of the trail? Check out our extensive guide to Whitsunday hikes here, with plenty of local tips and knowledge of the area.

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