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What is the difference between diving and snorkelling in Cairns and Airlie Beach?

Diving and snorkelling in Cairns and Airlie Beach may be a different experience, depending on what kind of tour you end up doing. The real question is what if the difference between diving and snorkelling on the Outer Reef and Inner Fringing Reefs.  While both Cairns and Airlie Beach visit both of these types of reef, Cairns has more tours with the Outer Reef, while Airlie Beach has more tours with Inner Reef. 

What Whitsundays holiday is right for you?

As a tourist mecca, the Whitsundays is home to some 100 day and overnight trips combined, so it can be somewhat overwhelming researching a tour suitable for you.

How do I get to the Whitsundays?

Travellers often make the common mistake of not realising the distance between the Whitsundays and major cities around Queensland and the time it takes to get there.

Whitsundays FAQs

From the weather, island transfers to parking, we have answered all of your general questions about Airlie Beach.

Camping on the Whitsunday Islands

If you have a desire to see and explore the Whitsunday islands at a different pace other than an overnight sailing trip, why not look at camping?

Airlie Beach's top 10 places to eat

If you had to ask a Whitsunday local where is the best place to eat around Airlie Beach, with quality meals, good value, great service and a nice atmosphere, here are a few answers you would get.

Whitsundays Bed & Breakfasts

With their affordability, convenience and comfort, Bed and Breakfast style accommodation is becoming a popular choice for couples looking for a temporary bed while in Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays. 

Whitsundays Budget Accommodation

If you are looking for something will less guests on the property and for a great price...

What's in Airlie Beach, Whitsundays?

A small coastal town of Queensland, and commonly known as the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach a hot tourist destination as the gateway to the famous Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef.

More Whitsundays FAQs

To ensure a comfortable nights’ sleep, your skipper will moor the vessel in a protected bay area surrounded by islands. This ensures minimal movement throughout the night in a more sheltered area.

The 74 Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsundays is made of the famous collection of 74 islands.

Where to fish in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is undoubtedly a popular fishing destination for angers with an endless avariety of tropical islands, reef drop offs along the Great Barrier Reef, esturaries and the famous barra of the Peter Faust (Proserpine) Dam.

Finding work in the Whitsundays

For foreign travellers on working visas, the Whitsundays are an obvious choice of destination to try to obtain employment and stay in the region for some time.

How to private charter a Whitsundays vessel

Private charters are becoming a very popular choice of overnight sailing trip for a group of friends and family who are seeking a personalised experience in this beautiful region.

What to do in Airlie Beach?

Where you are not exploring the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, there is an array of things to see and do on the mainland in Airlie Beach.

Hill Inlet Lookout Whitsundays

With its stunning view, Hill Inlet Lookout is one of the most photographed locations in the world.

What to expect on a Whitsundays overnight sailing trip

While on the famous beach, you can go on a guided bushwalk to Hill Inlet Lookout with your crew who will point out native creatures and plant species along the way. 

Where to stay in Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach certainly has a mixed bag of accommodation on offer in the main street itself and surrounding areas.

Whitsundays Bareboat Charters

The ideal holiday for anyone has to be a sailing trip around the Whitsundays islands, and what’s better than having the boat to yourselves and even the chance to skipper it yourself!

Where is Airlie Beach?

Airlie Beach is located on the coast of Queensland and is south of Bowen and north of Mackay. Airlie Beach is in driving distance from the Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast) Airport and is the main access point to the Whitsunday islands.

Private cabins on Whitsunday trips

For a Whitsundays trip of a lifetime with comfort, style and privacy, you cannot go passed choosing a private cabin on your overnight sailing trip.

Planning a Whitsunday holiday

Like planning any holiday, there are a few things which must be taken into consideration in the lead up to the vacation; things such as dates, weather, budgets, transport and accommodation as well as what you may actually like to see and do while you are on your break.

When is the best time to travel in the Whitsundays

As a slice of paradise in its own right, the Whitsundays is a glorified holiday retreat for world travellers who are eager to tick off ‘Great Barrier Reef’, ‘Heart Reef’, and ‘Whitehaven Beach’ off their bucket list. Ultimately, the Whitsundays is a great place to visit at all times throughout the year with each season suitable for holiday-makers who are wanting to have a memorable experience.

Crewed Overnight Sailing Tours

The best way to have an enjoyable, relaxing holiday in the Whitsundays is without a doubt on a crewed overnight sailing trip.

How do I Check-In for my Whitsundays boat trip?

Our travel consultants will email you everything you will need to know for your tour.

Where Do Whitsunday Tours Depart From

All Whitsunday trips depart from the marinas in Airlie Beach. 

Should I check availability Before Booking a Trip?

At Sailing-Whitsundays, we are dedicated to providing top customer service to all of our clients to ensure they have a wonderful experience in the Whitsundays which is hassle-free.

Should I get Travel Insurance?

The simple answer to this is ‘yes’. Sailing-Whitsundays travel agents will recommend obtaining travel insurance when booking your Whitsundays tour.

How to choose a Whitsundays boat trip

To assist, we have put together a few questions which we ask to ensure you book onto the right tour for you.

Flying to the Whitsundays

The most frequently questions asked usually involve logistics with travelling to the Whitsundays before and after an overnight sailing trip.

Scuba diving on a Whitsundays Tour

Whether you are a certified or an introductory (inexperienced) diver, the Whitsundays offers a variety of day and overnight trips with this activity onboard, visiting either the outer Great Barrier Reef or the inner barrier reef which is around the Whitsunday islands.

What is in Airlie Beach?

Many people heading out on an overnight sailing trip leaving from Airlie Beach, have never travelled to the Whitsunday region before, and therefore, have no idea what to expect.

When Is The Best Time to Visit The Whitsundays

Whether you’re day tripping or cruising the reef for a few days, you’re part of a dominantly outdoor activity; and as such the better the weather, the better the overall experience is likely to be.

What To Expect on a 2 Day/ 2 Night Trip

What does the usual 2 day/ 2 night trip itinerary include?

Before Heading Out on an Overnight Boat Trip

Your Boat Trip Questions Answered

Airlie Beach Accommodation

Below is it a list of Airlie Beach Accommodation sorted into budgets and varieties to make it easy for you! Sailing Whitsundays is based in the Whitsundays and knows the region and its accommodation places like the back of their hand!

Below is a compiled list of options to help you decide where you would like to stay while in the region, and with so much choice, it makes sense to get some local advice.

There's now a need to book ahead

Book your Whitsundays trips several weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Where to park in the Whitsundays

For those who are driving to the Whitsundays and have booked a day or overnight trip, parking in Airlie Beach is something which needs to be considered, whether you are travelling in a car, 4 wheel drive or RV van.

Flights to Whitsundays (updated 1/04/16)

We are able to book airport transfers to and from Proserpine and Mackay Airports for your convenience. They can pick and drop you off at your local accommodation, vessel check in office or in the Main Street of Airlie Beach. Please enquire with us to make a booking! 

About Us

As a collective of industry operators, we are able to bring some of the best discounts and deals direct to you that no one else can offer! We are committed to providing you great products at the cheapest possible prices. As a Sailing Whitsundays client, you will be a top priority in making sure your holiday vessel meets and exceeds all your expectations.

Whitsundays Weather... What is it like today?

Clear blue skies and sunny days are a travellers' wish for each day of their tour and, more often than not, the Whitsundays' weather is so inviting every traveller just has to stay a little longer.

Terms and Cancellation Policy

All departures and itineraries are subject to weather. 

Airlee Beach or Airlea Beach? How do you say it?

Airlee Beach, Airlie Beach, or Airlea Beach... it doesn't really matter how you spell it ... or pronounce it ... its just another way of saying paradise. 

Sailing Whitsunday Packages

Did you know that booking a package is the most cost effective way of planning a holiday?

Organizing a holiday can be an exciting and enjoyable process... however, sometimes it can be stressful and, in the end, quite costly! As Travel Experts here at Sailing Whitsundays, we have done all the research, reviewing, and bargaining for you. With over 10 years experience in the Tourism Industry, we have taken all our clients' feedback, revised itineraries and added in new features to bring to you the most updated and affordable packages on the East Coast of Australia!

What Goes When?

Pick your day, then pick your boat and book your Whitsundays once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You want to see the stunning Whitsundays but not sure what boat goes out when? Have a limited time for your Whitsunday adventure? Find the best tour for your available time in our day-by-day departure listing.

Choose from an outstanding range of tours that go for 1-night, 2-nights, 3-nights or more. There's a tour to fit every timetable and budget.

Get a Private Cabin!

If you are looking to plan the perfect romantic sailing experience in the Whitsundays, booking a private cabin should be a top priority! A private cabin ensures you and your partner maximum privacy and comfort whether on board an intimate low passenger catamaran or on a larger social vessel.

What Is The "Red Tick" All About?

Have you ever noticed that some overnight sailing vessels promote 'red tick' status whereas others are absent of such a thing? We explain what the 'red tick' signifies and how it can help you choose top quality sailing tours.

Boat Trip FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Sailing trips in the Whitsundays! 

Hamilton Island Accommodation

When planning a trip to the Whitsundays you can spend time on island resorts such as the beautiful Hamilton Island or choose to spend more time in one of the mainland resorts. As the airlines fly into both places, its a great idea to fly into Hamilton Island and spend some time there as well as on the Whitsunday mainland. Heres a short comparison between Hamilton Island and the mainland. Here at Sailing Whitsundays we have tried to give an unbiased view to assist holiday makers with their booking choices.

Getting to the Whitsundays/Airlie Beach

We explore the many options you have in getting to Airlie Beach: air travel, coaches and buses, driving and trains.

Sailing Whitsundays Family Cruises

The Whitsunday Islands are the perfect place to introduce your children to the way of life on the ocean. What better way to bring your family together than to spend a few days sailing and exploring the islands? The Whitsundays offers a plethora of wonderful cruising options to suit your family getaway, so it's best to do your research prior to booking anything.

We have broken down the four prime ways to get your family onto the water in the Whitsundays...

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