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What is it about Fraser Island?

Even if you are an Aussie at heart, you simply must experience the beauties which make up your own backyard. Exhibit A – Fraser Island.

Once an underestimated location on Queensland’s coast, this World Heritage listed location is now rich with attitude, and flaunts a sassy reputation as a popular tourist destination.

But why is this region now so desirable to foreigners and, now, Aussies?

Is it the thrilling ride you find yourself on as you cruise down the 75 Mile Beach, the sand scooping under the tyres of a heavy four-wheel drive. 

Maybe it is the peace you find within yourself as you admire the greenery and luscious flora on a trek through the Wanggoolba Creek, subtropical rainforest.

Or, is it the adventures you imagine the crew of the Maheno Ship had when it met its eventual, rusting fate on the beachfront before you. 

Whatever it is – whether it’s admiring the speckled sands before you, feeling the tide lapping over your feet or the thrill of catching a bream on the beach.. Fraser can deliver.

So if you find yourself approximately 200 kilometres north of Brisbane and you just happen to end up at this 120 kilometres coast, why not delve into the bold heart of Fraser Island and find out what keeps it ticking.

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