Seagulls in the Whitsundays

Seagulls in the Whitsundays

Seagulls are found everywhere in the coastal regions of Australia, and the Whitsundays are no exception! 

As with any wild animal, you should never feed seagulls, but as our photographer discovered, you can't alway help it if they help themselves! 

Whitsunday seagulls

With their webbed feet, orange beak, white colour and unmistakable appearance, the seagull is easy to identify. A very popular bird species in the Whitsundays, seagulls are medium sized, generally coloured white or grey and are often found on the shore side, wading in the ocean or flying over the beach.

They are generally more inquisitive and friendly with humans which coexist along the beaches in the Whitsundays and around the islands and are known to eat scraps of food and small fish and other marine species.

For more information on wildlife in the Whitsundays, click here! 

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