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Aerial tours of the Whitsundays

Aerial tours are a great way to see the Whitsundays, especially if you’re short on time, or want a unique vantage point of one of the most beautiful places in Australia. There are several different types of aerial tours you can go on, depending on length, budget and where you want to go.

GSL Island Explorer Scenic Flight
This 25-minute flight will give you a quick tour of the islands of the Whitsundays. See the swirling sands of Whitehaven Beach from above and enjoy the panoramic view as you cruise around the Whitsunday Islands from above.

HeliReef is a great way to do an aerial tour and see exactly what you want: visit Whitehaven Beach, stop into Hayman Island for the day, or have a picnic on the beach with HeliReef, the choice is up to you! With several types of tours to pick from, you won’t be disappointed.

GSL Scenic Flight to Heart Reef
Perfect for the romantic at heart, couples, or anyone wanting a phenomenal view, a scenic flight to the unique Heart Reef is a must-see in the Whitsundays. Fly to the outer reef to see nature’s most romantic natural formation.

Seaplane Reef and Whitehaven Scenic
This one-hour flight gives you an extensive view of the Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven Beach. They do a touch-and-go landing so you can get up close look at the Great Barrier Reef as well as the thrill of a water landing!

Seaplane Whitehaven Experience
This tour provides a scenic ride to Whitehaven Beach for a 2 hour layover at the most beautiful beach in all of Australia. Complete with beach umbrellas and sparkling wine - this is the best day trip to Whitehaven!

Tigermoth Adventures
While not exactly a scenic flight, Tigermoth Adventures is still a great way to see the Whitsundays - in between barrel rolls, loop-de-loops and spins, you will get a great view of Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands. Definitely for the adventurous at heart, Tigermoth really is an experience of a lifetime.

All aerial tours are weather depending, so make sure to keep an eye on the forecast and always check with the tour company prior to departure. Aerial tours are definitely one of the more exclusive ways to see the Whitsundays Islands and are great for those short on time who want to see it all. There is always the option to do an aerial tour combined with a boat tour for those who have a little more time and want to spend some time in the water or on the reef. We recommend checking the fly n’ cruise packages, which come in both north and south packages.  

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