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10 Reasons why everyone should visit the Whitsundays

1. Sleeping under the stars at the Great Barrier Reef

Reefsleep offers travellers the chance spend the night out in the heart of the Great
Barrier Reef on board their unique pontoon. Guests can watch the sun rise and set 
while enjoying the unbroken horizon for unforgettable views. This amazing experience
allows you to immerse yourself in the reef and watch it come alive as you spend the
evening relaxing and taking it all in.

2. Smooth sailing all year round

The protection of the Whitsunday Islands offers smooth sailing all year round, making it
a perfect place for a sailing holiday. The stunning blue waters of the Coral Sea combined 
with amazing water clarify, amazing islands and colourful marine life will leave you with
an experience unlike any other.

3. It’s a tropical island smorgasbord

While you're in the Whitsundays, take time to check out of the best resort islands in the 
world, including Hamilton Island, Daydream Island and the One&Only Hayman Island. 
All of these amazing islands offer a unique and personal experience, with
accommodation options, resort facilities, swim up pool bars, restaurants and much more
at your finger tips.

4. Silica sands of Whitehaven Beach

The famous white silica sands at Whitehaven Beach are some of the most soft and pure
sands in the world. Its unique composition makes is ideal for polishing jewelry or for a quick
 mani/pedi while your there. The soft and fine sands actually squeak underfoot as you walk and makes for 
the perfect place to lay down, relax and enjoy the sun. This is a must-see beach which is
continually voted one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

5. Treat your taste buds!

Eat the freshest seafood straight from the ocean at some of Airlie Beach’s top
restaurants including Fish D’Vine, Caper's, Hemingway's, and Barcelona. The incredible
and diverse menu's has something for everyone and a dish to please every type of foodie.

6. Singlets and thongs are in

The Whitsundays have amazing weather all year around, where you can get away with
singlets, sunnies and thongs all year! The tropical climate allows for clear sunny days in 
winter and long, tropical days throughout the summer.

7. Have a whale of a time

Even whales are attracted to the Whitsundays during their winter migration
with its calm, warm waters making it the perfect place to give birth to their
calves. It is a common sight to see pods of whales playing around
the Whitsunday islands from July to September!

8. First-Class Treatment from your Crew

Expect the best from your friendly crew on your overnight sailing trip. Your
experienced skipper and host are there to help and know everything
there is about your natural surroundings. They are there to keep you happy, fed and
entertained during your trip to ensure you have the best time in the Whitsundays.

9. I Heart the Whitsundays

Make sure you check out the infamous Heart Reef during your time in the Whitsundays.
It is a natural coral formation out in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef itself and is best
seen from above. This beautiful reef attracts people from all over and is considered to be
one of the most romantic places in Australia.

10. The marine life is as friendly as the people

Get set to have an encounter with some amazing marine residents while snorkelling the
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. While you check out the
fringing reefs you are very likely to see some of the local residents including the
Humphead Maori Wrasse, green sea turtles and Clownfish!

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