Where did Condor get its name?

Condor is one of the many beautiful boats that calls the Whitsundays home. She is a red and gold beauty with an impressive mast, measuring 22 metres in length that takes 29 passengers around the Whitsundays. She offers guests the chance to spend two days and two nights cruising, sailing and exploring the Whitsunday waters.

As a sleek and impressive maxi yacht, she deserved a name that reflected her agility and presence, whereupon she was given the name Condor. Condor comes from the the largest land flying bird in the world, the condor, which lives in the western hemisphere and is certainly an impressive sight to see. As a large soaring bird, this vulture's wingspan can reach up to 10 feet across, from which they cruise the skies looking for their next meal. There are two different types of condors, the Andean Condor and the California Condor, each of which is impressive, beautiful and intimidating. They are some of the most magnificent and beautiful birds in the New World, but have steadily declined in recent years and are now, sadly, a rare sight. The boat and its namesake have much in common, with clean lines, impressive agility and stunning beauty.

Condor birds are a pretty amazing animals with outstanding traits: they can live to be up to 50 years old, they mate for life, and they are mostly bald headed. They are hard to miss if you do get the rare chance to see them in the wild as their black bodies soar overhead.

The term 'condor' clearly has had its influences worldwide with inspiration reflective in many other places in the world. The term condor has also been used to describe a coin in Ecuador and Chile, and is used in the name of several companies and organizations worldwide, such as an airline and a bicycle company. Here in the Whitsundays we know the name as the maxi yacht, Condor, which can easily be spotted cruising through the Whitsunday waters.


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