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More Whitsundays FAQs

Where does the boat anchor each evening?

To ensure a comfortable nights sleep, your skipper will moor the vessel in a protected bay area surrounded by islands. This ensures minimal movement throughout the night in a more sheltered area. Your skipper will choose the best anchorages according to the tides and wind forecast. 

What if there is a bad weather forecast?

Most trips will still depart if rain is forecasted, with showers generally passing quite quickly. In the case of a storm or high wind warning, it is at the discretion of the skipper to cancel the trip. Guests will be notified as soon as possible and will be issued a refund if an alternate arrangement cannot be made.

What if the trip is cancelled for something other than bad weather?

If the boat stands down because of mechanical issues etc, or any other reason than the weather, guests have the option to find another vessel suitable for them or be issued with a refund.

What if I am prone to sea-sickness?

The Whitsundays is fortunate to be sheltered by the islands which means the ocean is generally calm and avoids rough conditions. However, if you think you may get sea-sick we recommend purchasing sea-sickness tablets and follow the dosage instructions prior to setting sail. Alternatively, choosing a catamaran may be a better option as these are generally more stable, having two hulls. 

What can I expect on the overnight sailing trip?

No sailing trip has a set itinerary due to different tides and weather conditions. They do however ensure the trip consists of a number of different snorkel sites around the islands, a visit to Whitehaven Beach for a number of hours and a bushwalk to Hill Inlet Lookout.

What is the difference between shared and private accommodation?

Most boats offer both shared and private accommodation options to suit all types of travellers. Depending on the style of boat, shared accommodation is generally based in the saloon or open-plan area of the vessel which you share with other guests. Private accommodation, on the other hand, features twin or double beds in a private cabin, which 2 passengers have to themselves.

How do I re-confirm and check-in for the boat trip?

As stated on your ticket, you will need to re-confirm your places on the boat trip 48 hours prior to departure on the phone number provided. You will also need to check-in at the boat check-in office located in Airlie Beach which is also stated on your ticket.

Can I help sail if I have never done it before?

Yes, most vessels encourage passengers to assist with sailing alongside the crew. This is an enjoyable activity where you can get hands-on experience. Otherwise, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the experience.

Can I combine my overnight sailing trip with other things?

Absolutely. Our travel consultants can arrange more than your overnight sailing trip. We are able to combine other tours and accommodation before or after your trip as well as further travel to Cairns and Fraser Island. Combing certain tours can actually save you money, so please chat with us.

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