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How to private charter a Whitsundays vessel

Private charters are becoming a popular choice of overnight sailing trip for a group of friends and family who are seeking a personalised experience in this beautiful region. Private charters offer an exclusive trip with the added service of a skipper and crew so your group can relax without any hassles of self-driving or preparing of meals that comes with bareboat charters. You get to choose which family and friends you'd like to come with, ensuring you have the perfect group of your closest loved ones to enjoy the Whitsundays with. 

How to book a private charter?

You must enquire about a private charter on a crewed overnight boat at least 6 months ahead, if not longer. The best way is to contact our travel consultants as soon as you can so begin the process of finding a vessel that is suitable. To assist, it is important to let us know your departure dates, how many people there are in the group and the type of trip you would like to have.

Since privately chartered boats would normally will filled with individual passengers who have booked on their own, booking as early as possible is the key to ensure you find a boat while it is still empty. 

After confirming what vessels are available, it is best to let us know as soon as you can whether you could like to book the charter as the vessel may become unavailable.

A deposit will be taken and we will need the names of the passengers travelling and any medical or dietary requirements which you may have to ensure each and every passenger has the best trip possible. 

After taking your deposit, the final payment is due around 6 weeks’ prior to departure.

Finally, it is time to set sail and have the time of your life!

Sam Clapham
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