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Early Bird Deals

What are the advantages of booking well in advance?

  1. Save - We live in a world where prices always seem to go up with time, don't we?! If you book in advance, we are able to offer you the best possible prices at the time of your booking, despite later price increases. It is common travel knowledge that yes - standby rates can be cheaper - however with the best boats this is often not the case. We have seen many guests say they wish they booked in advance to make sure they got the boat they wanted, rather than settling for a cheaper and lower quality trip. Don't be dissapointed!

  2. Get the boat you want - At Sailing Whitsundays, we offer over the largest variety of boat trips in the Whitsundays. Each of our products offer a unique experiences suited to different types of individuals. When you book in advance, our Agents are able to find you the best-suited tour that meets all your preferences and desires. If you leave booking too close to your arrival, our Agents our limited to what is left, which at times can be just a few trips!

  3. Secure a trip that meets your tight time-frame - Due to the Whitsundays remote location, it can be difficult to co-ordinate flight times with boat times. Again, if you leave your overnight charter booking to the last minute you will find that there are few (if any) to choose from. Please note we always recommend that you arrive the day prior to your trip and depart the day following to avoid any problems due to flight delays or cancellations.

  4. Leave with a smile! - When you get what you want, when you want and for the best price, it's pretty hard to be disappointed!

What boats get fully booked first?

Below, we have outlined for you the boats that typically fill up the quickest. If any of these types of trips (or individual boats) interest you, be sure to book well in advance. Call us for more details...

Lower passenger numbers and private cabins available - These are top comfort vessels that are usually geared towards couples, featuring fully en-suited private cabins. Because these boats take out fewer passengers and offer a more exclusive experience, they fill up very quickly.

Whitsunday Blue Whitsunday Getaway Whitsunday Adventurer Getway 3 Nights
Prima Blizzard Silent Night On Ice

On-board scuba diving - As the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays offers some of the most spectacular diving for all levels of experience. If you want to experience scuba diving for the first time or are a certified diver looking to get in some memorable dives, be sure to book in advance. Please note: you do not have to pre-book the number of dives you wish to do. You can decide this once on the boat.

Additional activities included (ie. Paddle boards, kayaks, etc.) - Lots of people enjoy having other water activities available to them other than just snorkelling. For this reason, these types of boats (that offer additional activities) are quite popular and are often fully booked weeks prior to the departure!

Whitsunday Adventurer On Ice Blizzard Summertime New Horizon SV Whitehaven

Young and fun: popular by word of mouth - these are boats that, despite taking more passengers on board, book up quickly because of their shear popularity! Fun and social boats that the 18 - 35s are talking about...

Atlantic Clipper Tongarra New Horizon British Defender

Private Charters - in order to book out an entire boat for an exclusive experience, you must plan ahead! If you are looking to book a Private Charter in low season, we recommend booking a minimum of 3 months in advance. During peak-season, we recommend a minimum of 6 months in advance. Avoid disappointment and get in as early as possible...

Private Charters
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