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Cheapest Drinks in Airlie Beach

Updated Tue 20 Dec 2022

Schooner of beer at a bar

Airlie Beach is known for its bustling nightlife, delicious food and vibrant bars that serve some of the best cocktails along the Aussie East Coast! It's no wonder why backpackers, families and couples love visiting and returning to this tropical paradise year after year. 

Now, it's time to answer the question on everyone's minds! Where are the cheapest drinks in Airlie Beach? We've gathered a list of menus from different restaurants and bars around town and have found that you can actually find a boatload of drinks in Airlie Beach for under $10* and some scrumptious cocktails for no more than $15*!

So, let's take a look at the cheapest drinks in Airlie Beach!

Breeze Bar Airlie Beach

3/293 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach.

Two fruity cocktails at Breeze Bar Airlie BeachImage Source: Whitsunday Menu

You will find Breeze Bar's intimate ambience within the Airlie Beach Esplanade. Diners from near and far love the bar's extensive choices of cocktails like the raspberry caipirinha, bloody mary, espresso martini and craft beers on tap.

To top it off, there are bands that play live music on Saturday nights at Breeze Bar! Sit back and enjoy the tunes as you order bestselling oysters, bruschetta, chilli mussels, Vietnamese coconut chicken salad and dessert that visitors rave over! Take a look at the bar's reasonable prices below.

Beer at Breeze Bar

For those after an icy beer on tap, an assortment of pale ale and lager is only $8.50! Additionally, there are nine types of bottled beer on the menu, including Blue Moon Belgian White and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale at $9.

Breeze Bar has some spectacular white wine and liquors from $8.50: Captain Morgan Spiced rum, Da Luca Prosecco, Corte Giara Pinot Grigio and many more!

Anchor Bar

5 Golden Orchid Drive, Airlie Beach.

If you're after a laidback vibe with sensational views of the Whitsunday Islands and Coral Sea, head to Anchor Bar for a beverage and a cheeky dip in their swimming pool!

Beer and Cocktails at Anchor Bar

Almost all of Anchor Bar’s beer and cider, including mild and full-strength options, cost between $5 and $9! There’s no better way to enjoy the coastal atmosphere than with some arancini balls, tasty cocktails or ciders and a backdrop of turquoise waters and white sands! Best of all? You'll be keeping your wallet happy!

Magnums Hotel

366 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach.

Magnums Hotel outside view from the Airlie Beach main street

A local favourite, Magums Hotel or 'Maggies' is the home of cheap beer jugs, cocktail specials and live music! Whether you're people-watching from the front beer garden or dancing in for a raving night, it's always a Saturday night at Maggie's.

Head to the bar and look out for the specials of the day, which generally include a $6 schooner and $12 cocktail selection. Sip on your drinks in the tropical temperatures, catch up on the live sports, grab a quick bite to eat and listen to an incredible lineup of live bands during your time at Magnums Hotel.

Jubilee Tavern

Shute Harbour Road & Loop Road, Airlie Beach.

If you’re looking for a wider range of cheap but tasty drinks and a family-friendly bar or bistro, we've found your watering hole! Jubilee Tavern even has a kid's playground, a gaming lounge and hosts private events in its function rooms.

Beer and Spirits at the Jubilee Tavern

From the bar’s lineup of light to full-strength beers, low-carb lagers, pacific ale and pale ale, a beer generally costs between $5 to $8.50 at the Jubilee Tavern. If you’d rather order a bottle or can, prices range between $6 to $9. The Burleigh Big Head is a popular new addition to the bar, with a refreshing full flavour!

Whilst we're on the subject of beers, let's talk cider, wine and spirits! Firstly, all of Jubilee Tavern’s fruity, dry and low-carb ciders are only $7. Their varieties of wine are priced between $8 to $10.

The majority of the tavern’s spirits (gin, vodka, rum, scotch, whiskey, bourbon and tequila) are priced between $8.50 to $10. Whether you choose to try out a St. Agnes Brandy VS Australia liquor or stick to your usual schooner of lager, the Jubilee Tavern is sure to have it.

The Pub

16 Airlie Esplanade, Airlie Beach.

The Pub, Airlie Beach view from the main street

Head to the iconic Airlie Beach Hotel and you’ll find The Pub! Newly renovated and one of the hottest venues to grab a midday beer, choose from a wide selection of bar drinks that complement your scrumptious meals, like the crowd-favourite steaks. Look forward to generous serving sizes, a fun and relaxing atmosphere and live music every night of the week. Perhaps you'll be visiting The Pub more than once during your Airlie Beach holiday!

Beer and Wine at The Pub

A glass of sparkling wine, red wine and champagne costs between $7.5 to $9. Plus, you’ll only spend $7.5 to $8.5 for a delectable rose wine. On the other side of the bar, you can order an Aussie lager at The Pub for $6.5 to $9.5 or cider and ginger beer for $7.5 to $9.

Spirits at The Pub generally range from $7 to $10 and there are more than 25 types of fruity, sweet, herbaceous and citrusy liqueurs from $6 to $9.5. To stimulate your appetite, The Pub also offers 8 different types of aperitif. For the port drinkers, there are two port wines available at The Pub (Brown Brothers Tawny Port and Galway Pipe Port) both priced at $6.

KC’s Bar & Grill

382 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach.

You’ll find KC’s Bar & Grill in the centre of town boasting signature steaks, brisket and plenty of live music for diners to enjoy whilst they enjoy their scrumptious meals and refreshing drinks! Visitors to KC's love the central bar location which overlooks the tropical bustle of Airlie Beach's main street.

Beer and Wine at KC's

Order a beer on tap or choose from 21 choices of bottled beer, all costing between $8 and $10. For the wine drinkers, kick back with a glass of white wine, sparkling wine or red wine for $9 to $10. If you feel like starting your night with a splash, sip on a house liquor for just $7.

Beaches Bar & Grill

356 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach.

Live band playing for an audience at Beaches Bar & Grill, Airlie BeachImage Source: Beaches Bar & Grill

A backpacker's favourite, Beaches is home to air-conditioned dorms and private rooms, a bustling bar and restaurant scene and happy-hour drink deals that are sure to blow your socks off - this venue really does have it all. Plus, enjoy some delicious pub grub for just $19.90 with your choice of drinks!

Check out live music every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a selection of cheap beers, wines, ciders, spirits and cocktails always on offer. 

Paddy’s Shenanigans Irish Bar 

352 Shute Harbour Rd, Airlie Beach.

For that Irish vibe and ambience, head to Paddy's and find a one-of-a-kind bar that diners love! Visitors are known to hit the dance floor, enjoy the lively bar and drinks specials and of course the Irish ambience! Plus, Paddy's also plays live music every day of the week!

Mika Airlie BBQ & Bar

Esplanade Shop 6, Airlie Beach.

Three cocktails lined up at Mikas Airlie BeachImage Source: Mika Airlie

Head to Mika's and come across one of Queensland’s best ocean views and scrumptious Mexican food! Plus, there’s a happy hour deal from 4 pm to 6 pm which offers a killer espresso martini for only $10. What's not to love?

If you're not after one of Mika's fruity cocktails or jugs of sangria, you'll be stoked to find out that Mika has a selection of 11 beers that are priced at just $7. Schooners on tap cost $7, whilst an icy pint will only have you spending $9.

* Venue menus and prices are current as of 19/12/22 and are subject to change without notice *

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